Turn a Thrifted Men's Shirt Into a Summer Blouse

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Let’s do some fashion magic. We’re going to turn a thrifted men’s shirt into a cute summer blouse.

There is no sewing, cutting, or gluing involved. Simply wearing the shirt in a different way will completely transform the look. Let me show you what to do!

Putting shirt on

1. Put shirt on

Start by putting your shirt on backwards.

Hiding collar

2. Hide collar

Then fold the collar under.

Tying ends

3. Tie ends

Tie the two open ends together in a knot in the back.

Doing up buttons

4. Do up buttons

Then fasten two or three of the buttons - just enough to cover your bra.

Rolling up sleeves

5. Roll sleeves

Lastly, roll the sleeves up.

Blouse hack

Look how cute the back is.

Blouse hack

Blouse hack

And the front is just as cute, it creates a cropped, boat-neck silhouette.

I absolutely adore the way this shirt now looks, it is fun, stylish, and contemporary. Give it a go for yourself and let me know how you get on.

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