7 Super Easy Hacks for Oily Skin

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In this tutorial, we’re going to share some of our favorite hacks for oily skin and show you how to keep your makeup sweat-proof.

We’re going to talk through each point and then we’ll show you how to apply makeup on oily skin. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials: 

  • Deodorant
  • Face primer
  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Long-wear foundation
  • Translucent powder
  • Arrowroot powder
  • Toilet seat cover
Oily skin hack 1: Deodorant on face

Hack 1: Deodorant on face

If you want your makeup to stay on all day, especially if you have oily skin, you should have deodorant on-hand and not just for your underarms.

This deodorant hack is good only if you have a special occasion, so don’t use it all the time or you’ll clog your pores.

Apply the deodorant on your fingertips the same way you would a primer and apply it to your T-zone, which is the main area that gets oily. Then continue with your skincare routine!

This is also a really good tip if you sweat a lot in the summertime and don’t want to sweat your makeup off.

Oily skin hack 2: Use primers

Hack 2: Use primers

Make sure you use primers if you have oily skin. Every person’s skin is different so it’s trial and error to find what works best for you.

Some primers can keep the face really matte and prevent it from getting super shiny, while also helping makeup stick better and stay longer.

Primers also help fill in the pores and make your makeup look flawless throughout the day.

Oily skin hack 3: Use long-wear foundation

Hack 3: Use long-wear foundation

It’s super important to buy long-wear foundation if you want your makeup to last all day. It’s essentially 12+ hours of long-lasting makeup.

Also make sure the foundation you choose is matte, not a dewy one.

Oily skin hack 4: Use translucent powder

Hack 4: Use translucent powder

Everything else in this list works great, but the translucent powder is key if you want your makeup to last all day.

You don’t want your foundation to melt away or your under-eyes to start creasing, so this is super important.

Don’t just bake under your eyes, slap it all around. Apply this after you’ve applied your foundation and concealer.

Oily skin hack 5: Use eyeshadow primer twice

Hack 5: Use eyeshadow primer twice

Apply the eyeshadow primer first with your skincare routine.

When you’re applying the anti-shine moisturizing primer, use an eyeshadow primer.

Oily skin hack 5: Use eyeshadow primer twice

Then, when you’re putting on your base, use another eyeshadow primer with a bit of color so your eyeshadow doesn’t melt off.

When you’re applying your eyeshadow, using shimmery and glittery colors is great. Even if your makeup is starting to melt off, it won’t show because it has that glitter look as opposed to a matte eyeshadow.

Oily skin hack 6: Apply arrowroot powder

Hack 6: Apply arrowroot powder at the end of the makeup routine

Arrowroot powder is an all-natural deodorant that you can apply in so many different ways.

You can apply it right after you apply your deodorant or you can even swap it out and apply it before you put your foundation on.

Don’t apply too much, because it can get chunky and nasty. I like to keep it to the end, just before the setting spray.

Some people will bake with it but I think it’s too risky as it can be too light.

To apply, just tap some onto a brush and tap it all over your skin. That way you’re not getting flashback because it’s a minimal amount of product, but your makeup is staying intact.

Be careful not to overdo it, because then you’ll look white and washed out.

Oily skin hack 7: Use a toilet seat cover to blot your T-zone

Hack 7: Use a toilet seat cover to blot your T-zone

If you’re out and none of these tricks worked, but you don’t have any blotting paper on you, you can go to the bathroom and get a toilet-seat cover.

Blot your T-zone; don’t rub it. If your skin is oily, the oil would absorb onto the paper.

Hacks for oily skin

Hacks for oily skin

Here’s what my makeup looks like almost 12 hours later! I didn’t need to touch up or do any blotting at all, which is insane, because I have such oily skin.

I’m so impressed by this oily skincare routine! Let me know what you think about these hacks down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Deodorant
  • Face primer
  • Eyeshadow primer
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