Mosquito Madness...VICKS May Be the Answer...Soothing & Prevention!

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Last Summer, sitting outside enjoying the Cool Evening Air, was an utter disaster...Within 5 minutes, Huge Red Welts appeared on Feet and Ankles...Big, Nasty Mosquito Bites! The Itch from the bites lasted for days. Nothing seemed to work to stay Mosquito Bite Free...except, Staying Indoors.

And Then We Tried VICKS VAPORUB...

Vicks VapoRub...Great for Cough Suppressant...And...Possibly...Mosquito Bite Prevention!!!

At first, applying VICKS to the bites, relieved the itching. There was almost immediate relief from the itch. No crazy scratching!

VICKS is soothing and cooling on Mosquito Bites. When applying VICKS, the swelling and redness of the bites slowly subsides...

Sorry...No Photos of the Mosquito Welts...thankfully. icon

SOOOOO....What if VICKS is applied BEFORE going OUTSIDE???

Will VICKS help to deter Mosquitos and prevent their nasty bites???

The Test Case...applying VICKS to the Tops of Feet and Ankles....

Adding a Mosquito Repellent Band to Wrist and Ankle for good measure...Now Go Outside...Dinner on the Patio...And Wait...

Mosquito Repellent Bands...Amazon LINK.

The Short Answer is...YES!!!

VICKS appears to work to prevent Mosquito Bites! WOW!!

VICKS...Not just for Coughs...Now for Mosquito Bite Prevention and Soothing Relief from the Bites...

VICKS is Natural...Easy to Use...Has a Pleasant Smell...Is Reasonably Priced...and Best of All...It appears to be Working!

Hello Summer!! Dinner on the Patio? Yes!! Thank you VICKS!

VICKS...Amazon LINK.

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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  • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! on Jun 10, 2024

    Hi Barbara - I don't know about fire ants...sorry. Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

  • Martin Martin on Jun 10, 2024

    So I didn't believe it when I read this but I gave it a try and oh boy did it work! And personally I like the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub, reminds me of being a kid again.