Game-changing Benefits of Using Castor Oil for 30 Days

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In this video, Shea Whitney shares her transformative 30-day experience with castor oil and its unconventional uses.

Castor oil has completely exceeded her expectations, prompting her to reveal the myriad ways it has positively impacted her life.

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1. Choice of castor oil

Firstly, Shea talks about how important the choice of castor oil brand is, emphasizing its organic, extra virgin, hexane-free, and cold-pressed nature.

Stressing the importance of a glass bottle, Shea highlights that castor oil, being a potent substance, can break down plastic if stored in plastic containers.

2. Castor oil for skin

Diving into the applications, Shea details the impressive benefits of castor oil on the skin.

Contrary to concerns about clogged pores, she attests to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it ideal for acne-prone skin.

Additionally, it's praised for reducing inflammation, plumping the skin, and diminishing fine lines – earning it the nickname "nature's botox."

3. Castor oil for hair

Moving on to hair care, Shea shares her success with using castor oil on eyelashes and eyebrows, asserting its role in promoting growth.

She introduces homemade castor oil-based lip gloss, lauding its hydrating and moisturizing qualities.

Castor oil

4. Castor oil for body care 

Castor oil is also very effective at treating scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. She emphasizes its role in breaking down scar tissues and reducing pigmentation.

5. Castor oil for feet

Intriguingly, Shea explores the use of castor oil on her foot callus, noting a significant improvement within a short period.

Astonishingly, she shares a personal anecdote about using castor oil to alleviate plantar fasciitis, providing relief after months of discomfort.

6. Castor oil for your belly button?!

The video takes a unique turn as Shea delves into a somewhat unconventional practice – pouring castor oil into the belly button.

While acknowledging the uniqueness of the technique, she discusses its potential detoxifying effects, improved digestion, relief from menstrual symptoms, and even its impact on headaches.

Castor oil benefits

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  • Shari Shari on Mar 13, 2024

    My friend was in so much stomach pain she couldn't quit crying and hollering out in distress. I grabbed her black caster oil (front dollar tree) and told her to put it in her belly button. She did and rubbed it on her belly too. In about a minute she started to calm and got completely quiet. In about five minutes she was asleep. That was my first experience with caster oil. I had just read about this a week prior. So glad I did. IIT WORKS!!!