7 Super Easy Mascara Hacks for Beautiful Lashes

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In this tutorial, I will be sharing my top tips on how to apply mascara.

Any makeup look, be it a simple, everyday, subtle makeup look, or a heavy smoky eye or party look, to me, feels incomplete if you do not put on some mascara. Mascara brings the whole eye makeup look together!

Keep reading to discover my mascara hacks.

Tools and materials:

  • Lash curler
  • Mascara
  • Business card
  • Micellar water 
  • Cotton pad
  • Dual face cleanser
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • Eyeshadow
Curling lashes

Before applying any mascara, I recommend using a lash curler to curl your lashes.


Tip 1. Go for a lightweight mascara

Make sure you choose a mascara with a lightweight formula so that it won’t weigh down your lashes.

A lightweight formula also allows the mascara to be very buildable. This means you can reapply it two to three times if you're going for a really dramatic look.

Mascara spoolie

Tip 2. Get the right spoolie

My first tip is to go for a mascara that has a spoolie with a lot of bristles.

This really helps in separating out the lashes so there is no clumping whatsoever.

Spidery mascara

Tip 3. Know how to apply multiple coats

When applying multiple coats, don’t allow the mascara to dry completely before you apply a second or third coat.

This is because, when your mascara is totally dried up and then you add a second layer, it will give you a clumpy, spidery eye effect which is not a good look.

Applying mascara

Tip 4. Use a wiggling motion 

Instead of sweeping the mascara up your lashes, go ahead and use a wiggling motion.

Doing this wiggling motion ensures that your lashes are coated entirely with the mascara, so the application is a lot more effective.

Applying mascara

Tip 5. Apply mascara in the right direction

When you're applying mascara do not sweep it outside, diagonally away from your face.

If you have naturally curly and long lashes you can go ahead and sweep the mascara outwards.

If you have droopy lashes, then I would suggest you go towards the direction of your nose. That way you get an added curl to your lashes. 

Applying mascara

Tip 6. Use mascara on your bottom lashes as well

Make sure to use mascara on your bottom lashes as well. This instantly opens up your eyes and makes them look super bright.

To apply it to the bottom lashes, especially if you have thin or short lashes, go ahead and use the tip of the applicator.

Because the tip is a little pointed, you won't end up smearing the mascara all over your eyelids.

Applying mascara

Tip 7. Use a business card

If you’re quite messy when it comes to applying mascara, or you’re new to it, take a business card, or any toughened paper, and place it on your eyelids before you brush your lashes with the mascara.

All of the product which was going to get on your eyelids is now on the paper. You can do this both for your upper and lower lashes.

Now I will show you some different makeup looks with the mascara:

Natural look

Natural look

Here I’ve just done my eyebrows and applied some mascara, and it does such a good job at opening up my eyes.

Intense look

Intense look

To achieve an intense look, tightline your upper and lower lash line and then apply mascara. This will make your lashes pop.

Classic look

Classic look

For a classic look, draw a nice, thick, winged eyeliner. add some bold lips and then two to three coats of mascara.

Shimmery look

Shimmery look

Here, I’ve gone for a bold lip, a lot of shimmer on my eyes, and two to three layers of mascara. This is really pretty.

Removing mascara

How to remove mascara

Regular mascara is pretty easy to remove, you can just take some micellar water or any cleanser and wash it off.

However, if you have waterproof mascara on then you want to use something that is oil-based.

You can take a cotton pad with some dual face cleanser (which means cleansers that have both water and oil in them.) Then place the cotton pad on your eyes for a while.

You don't want to immediately start rubbing because it takes some time for the waterproof mascara to break down. Then just gently wipe it taking the cotton pad from down to up and up to down; both ways so that you get mascara off from every corner of your lashes.

Then, take the other side of the pad and do the same thing one more time.

Mascara hacks

I really hope you enjoyed reading all of these tips and different ways that you can style your mascara.

Mascara is an essential part of any makeup routine and so it’s key to get yours looking neat. Follow these easy mascara hacks and you won't go wrong!

Let me know your favorite hack in the comments down below.

Suggested materials:
  • Lash curler
  • Mascara
  • Business card (or similar)
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  • Michelle Michelle on Nov 18, 2022

    An old secret taught to me was for people with short lashes. First use brown mascara to fully cover your lashes. Then, take black mascara and put on the tips of your lashes. It makes your lashes look much longer!

  • Mary Mary on Jan 22, 2023

    I will try this tip. Thank you.