5 Overnight Beauty Hacks Using Vaseline

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In this video, Doro Cubillo shares several overnight beauty hacks using Vaseline to maintain hydration and achieve a radiant look.

1. Vaseline for nail care

The first hack focuses on nail care, where Vaseline is applied to clean, dry, and brittle nails.

After combining Vaseline with olive oil, the mixture is massaged onto the nails to promote growth, strength, and a healthy appearance.

The petroleum jelly in Vaseline seals in moisture, preventing dryness and nourishing the nails overnight.

2. Vaseline for under eyes

Another hack involves using Vaseline to address dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. The delicate skin in this area requires special care to stay hydrated and youthful.

By mixing Vaseline with vitamin E capsules, the resulting mixture is applied gently to the under-eye area, allowing it to brighten, hydrate, and plump the skin.

Vaseline acts as a barrier, preventing moisture loss and reducing the visibility of fine lines and dark circles.

3. Vaseline for dry lips

To combat dry lips, a Vaseline honey lip mask is recommended. After mixing Vaseline with raw honey, the mixture is applied to the lips for deep hydration and repair of the skin barrier.

Leaving the mask on overnight, or for 30 minutes before rinsing, leaves the lips soft and healed.


4. Vaseline for solid perfume

Additionally, Doro suggests making a solid perfume with Vaseline to enhance sleep quality.

By melting Vaseline and adding perfume or lavender oil, the resulting mixture is stored in the refrigerator until solidified.

This perfume can be applied to pulse points and behind the ears, providing a relaxing scent throughout the night and helping improve sleep quality.

5. Vaseline for cracked heels

Doro's next beauty hack focuses on the feet, which often suffer from dryness and cracked heels.

To combat this, a moisturizing foot mask is created by mixing Vaseline with lotion and applying it generously to the feet, particularly the dry areas.

Cotton socks are then worn overnight to facilitate absorption and hydration, resulting in baby-soft feet the next day.

Five Overnight Beauty Hacks Using Vaseline

Doro suggests storing these Vaseline beauty recipes in cute containers beside the bed for easy access. No refrigeration is required, and the hacks can be used to stay hydrated and nourished.

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