How to Apply Blush or Bronzer for Mature Skin in 4 Simple Steps

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Hello! Today, I’m going to be talking about blush and bronzer. There’s often a misunderstanding as to where we should put blush or bronzer for mature skin. Does blush go over bronzer? What order do you put them in? These are just some of the questions I hope to answer. There are no hard and fast rules with makeup, but it can make a difference if you’re warmer or cooler-toned. Let’s get started.

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Tools and materials:

  • Blush
  • Bronzer

How to apply blush or bronzer for mature skin if you’re cooler-toned

If you’re cooler-toned, I recommend using bronzer after you’ve put on the rest of your face makeup. So that includes your foundation or beauty palm, your concealer, and your powder - you should do that first. Avoid putting your bronzer on after your moisturizer when your face is tacky because it can stick a little bit and look artificial. It’s always best to put a dusting of translucent powder on first, just because you’re putting a powder onto a powder. So, let me show you where I’d use it. 

how to apply bronzer over 50

1. Apply bronzer first in a 3-shape

Grab a powder brush, which is a big fluffy blush. Remember, we want to create the effect of a sun-kissed look, so you want the bronzer to highlight where you would naturally catch the sun. Take a little bit just on the very top of your forehead, a little on the temple area, and then sweep it in a 3-shape from your temple to the cheekbones, and finally to your chin. It’s very subtle and is great in the winter when you’re looking a bit pale and you need a bit of color.

how to apply bronzer over 50

It’s also good to use the bronzer on your neck so your head doesn’t look like it’s floating, and it joins up nicely. 

does blush go over bronzer

2. Apply blush over bronzer

For cooler tones, the secret is to put your rosy glow and cooler-toned blush on top of the bronzer so it doesn’t look like your bronzer is too warm. I like to use cream blushes as they form a slightly silky, powdery effect. Avoid putting the blush only on the apple of your cheeks as everything droops a bit when you get older, and you want everything to be lifted. So it’s best to put it on but also above the apple, just sweeping it upwards kind of in a teardrop effect.

how to apply blush over 50

If you’ve got a very wide face, I suggest you bring your blush up a little bit more vertically which can have the effect of making the face look narrower. Conversely, if your face is already narrow, put it lower and a bit more horizontally. Otherwise, stick to the teardrop shape.

best blush for mature skin

Start at the middle of your iris, and bring it up in a tapping motion. This will help take away from the bronzer, so you still have the benefit of the bronzer, but it’s not as contrasting.

How to apply blush or bronzer for mature skin if you’re warmer-toned

how to apply bronzer over 50

3. Apply more bronzer over the top of the blush

I’m warmer-toned, so what I like to do is put a bit more bronzer over the top of the blush area as opposed to just underneath it. This time, I’m using a blush brush instead of the big bronzer one because I find it gives a little bit more zing to my blush for my coloring. This gives a bit more added warmth without it being too dark. Don’t do this if you’re cooler-toned. Alternatively, if you’re warmer-toned, you can put your blush on first and then your bronzer. 

how to apply bronzer over 50

4. Add bronzer over your eyes

Another fun tip if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to do eye shadow is to just sweep the bronzer over your eyes. It’s a quick way to give you the eye look without worrying about putting eyeshadow on.

blush or bronzer for mature skin

For me, blush and bronzer absolutely bring my face to life and make a massive difference.

Blush or Bronzer for Mature Skin Tutorial

As we get older, we lose the difference in color, and we tend to be pretty much one color. So using a bit of blush and bronzer can make a difference in your makeup. Let me know if this was helpful and if you decide to try out my technique for blush or bronzer for mature skin. 

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  • Ang34114859 Ang34114859 on Mar 18, 2024

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Rita Fraterrigo Rita Fraterrigo on Mar 19, 2024

    Your idea is a good one, because it looks more natural than putting a colored eyeshadow on. Also, if you are older, creamy, eyeshadow is much better than powdered that just accentuates any wrinkles you may have!