How to Create a Glamorous Makeup Look for Hooded Eyes in 5 Minutes

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5 Minutes

Hi, everyone! Today, I’m going to do another step by step makeup for older hooded eyes tutorial. This is another look that should take you just under 5 minutes and I’ll be sharing some of my favorite makeup tips for hooded eyes! Let’s get started.

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Tools and materials:

How to do eye makeup for hooded eyes

1. Apply transition shade above the crease

I’m putting the transition color above my crease because, with hooded eyes, the crease is where your top lid falls over your mobile lid. My crease is really low, so if I put eyeshadow there, you’ll never see it. When doing eye makeup for hooded eyes, the higher you put your transition color, the better. 

Lifting eyebrow to stretch lid

I lift my eyebrows high to stretch my lid so I have more space to work with, but you can physically lift your brow with your finger if you can’t do it naturally. When you drop your lid, you should still be able to see the color.

Applying shadow to outer portion of eye

If you have downturned eyes as I do, apply the shadow higher on the outer portion of your eye where your eye droops so you lift the droopiness. 

How to do makeup on hooded eyes

2. Deepen your crease 

Start deepening your crease with your second and third colors which are darker shades than the first. Only concentrate on the outer edge and halfway down your crease. This should start to shade and create your outer/or reversed seven. This is a concept I made up to explain how to do makeup on hooded eyes, but it’s essentially the outer V, but on hooded eyes. 

Patting eyeshadow to outer V of eye

3. Apply eyeshadow to the outer V 

Now, I’m choosing a lovely purple color and I’m just going to pat it in. I’m being conscious that I’m making that seven shape. Patting works much better when you’re doing more precise work on your natural eyes. Sometimes when you go in with a wiping motion, the skin keeps moving and it doesn’t look as good. 

Blending shadow into crease

Again, I’m dragging it into the crease but not too far.  

Makeup tips for hooded eyes

I’m also going to add more color at the top so the shade is a bit higher and it lifts the outer portion of my eyes. This is especially good if you have downturned eyes.

Tap and drag shimmery shadow to mobile lid

4. Apply shimmery eyeshadow to your mobile lid and inner corner

Use any flat synthetic brush like a concealer brush, because they pick up these types of eyeshadows the best. Sort of tap and drag the gold, shimmery eyeshadow over the mobile lid and up on your inner corner. This will help open up your eyes, make them pop, and look a bit bigger. This is a very good trick if your eyes are closely set to your nose.

Applying eyeshadow to lower lash line

5. Apply eyeshadow to the lower lash line

To my lower lash line, I’m applying another pink color.

Hooded eyes makeup tutorial

Then going over 1/3rd of it with a purple color.

Blending and softening edges

6. Blend

Blend out the edges.

Highlighting inner corner of eyes

7. Apply eyeshadow to the inner corner

I’m applying another highlighting shade to my inner corners.

Sweeping eyeliner halfway across lid

8. Apply eyeliner

Now, I’m taking a kohl eyeliner and putting a small line halfway across my lid then smudging it. 

Smudging eyeliner

When smudging, I like to wing it out a bit so you get a shading effect but you don’t have to be that precise. With hooded eyes, it’s very difficult to do a winged liner with a liquid eyeliner. But when learning how to do eye makeup for hooded eyes, this is a good alternative trick.

Applying eyeliner to bottom lash line

I also put a tiny bit on my bottom lashes.

Applying mascara to lashes

9. Apply mascara

I’m applying mascara for some drama. You can use false lashes, but I can’t be bothered.

Line lips and fill in with gloss

10. Apply lip pencil and gloss

For my lips, I’m going to use a lip pencil to line my lips and then smudge it with my finger. Then, I’m just going to apply a gloss over it.

Eye makeup for hooded eyes

Step-by-step makeup for older hooded eyes tutorial

Here’s the finished look! I really like the colors I used. Let me know what you think about this hooded eyes makeup tutorial and how it worked out for you!

Products used:

Eyeshadow - Too Faced Natural Lust Palette

Mascara - Nars Climax Mascara

Lip gloss - Too Faced Gloss- Raising the Roof

Foundation - The Ordinary Serum Foundation

Suggested materials:
  • Eyeshadow
  • Kohl eyeliner
  • Mascara
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