15 Different Ways to Style a Shawl

by Jcurlstyle

Shawls and scarfs are some of the best winter accessories! In this tutorial, I show you 15 of my favorite ways to style a shawl to take any autumn or winter outfit to the next level.

How to style a shawl

Look 1 

The first way to style a shawl is to fold it into a triangle and drape it over your shoulders so that the point of the triangle is on your back. This is an easy and classic look!

Drape the ends

Look 2 

Look number two is easy! Just drape the front ends of the shawl over each shoulder creating a crossover in the front. Look number 2 is a very sophisticated way to style a shawl or scarf. 

Easy shawl styling

Look 3 

Look 3 is similar to look 2 only this time, drape one shoulder over rather than two. This style helps to elongate the torso. 

Add a belt

Look 4 

Look 4 is a great variation of look number 1. Adding a belt to the shawl creates a whole new style and make the shawl very intended. 

Scrunch the scarf

Look 5 

To get look 5 you need to scrunch up the shawl or scarf so that the point of the triangle is almost tucked in the scrunches. Simply drape the thin shawl over your neck.

Drape one side 

Step: Look 6 

Look 6 is very classic! Drape one side of the scarf over your shoulder. This is a style that really helps pull any outfit together. 

Tuck one end

Look 7 

Look 7 is perfect for those chillier days. Pull one end of the scarf all the way around your neck and then tuck that end through the scarf. 

How to style a scarf shawl

Look 8 

The look definitely has a bit of French inspiration. Create a loop with the scarf or shawl and then put it around your neck. Pull the loose ends through the loop to get this stunning style. 

Cross at the back

Look 9

This look sees the triangle in the front. Cross over the two long ends at the back of your neck and bring them forward. This is a great way to bring attention to the top of your outfit.

How to wear a scarf shawl style

Look 10

This look is a slight adaptation of look number 9. Take the two end pieces and tie a loose knot at the front. 

Tie in a loose knot

Look 11

Look 11 creates a bandana effect. Take the two end pieces and tie them in a loose knot, only this time, tuck the knot under the point of the triangle so that the hanging pieces are hidden away. 

Hide and tuck

Look 12 

This next look is a messy yet put together one. Cross the end pieces at the back. Pull one piece over and hide it behind the triangle piece. The other end gets tucked into the top of the scarf by the neck. 

Make a small triangle

Look 13 

This look is a great way to accessorize a winter or autumn outfit. Fold the scarf or shawl to make a smaller triangle in the center. Place the point at the front of your neck and then cross over the ends at the back and pull them to lie in the front. 

Tie at the front

Look 14

This look is very similar to the previous one. Rather than leave the two ends hanging, tie them at the front in a loose knot. 

How to style a shawl cardigan

Look 15 

This last look is best for cold weather. It will keep your neck warm and snug! Fold the scarf into a rectangle shape and then create a loop. Place it around your neck and pull the ends through the loop. Share in the comments which style you like best! 

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