Ten Different Ways to Style a White Shirt

Gloria Gao
by Gloria Gao

Today, I’m going to be showing you ten different ways of styling a white button-down shirt. As a slow fashion blogger, finding many uses for one item is one of my main goals, and I love to share my ideas with all of you. Let’s get started with testing the versatility of this white linen summer blouse.

White shirt style

Outfit 1

This outfit is what I imagine I would wear at the airport if I became a celebrity one day. I paired my white linen blouse with high-waisted blue jeans and styled it up a bit with a belt. To keep it looking effortless, I half-tucked my shirt. Nude heels, a Panama hat completed the look. And of course, I needed my black shades to keep the paparazzi at bay. 

White outfit with brown accents

Outfit 2

This time I paired my white blouse with white jeans. I rolled the cuffs of the jeans up a little bit to show off my ankles since this outfit called for my leather gladiator sandals. I tied my shirttails to draw attention to the brown leather belt I chose to match my shoes. And I completed the look with a straw boater hat and a bucket bag.


How to style a white shirt

Outfit 3

I love this black silk slip dress, but unfortunately, it has a small tear. The tailor couldn’t save it, but he did put a small patch over the tear. Luckily, I wore my white linen blouse over the dress, so the hole was completely covered. I tied the tails of my shirt at the waist to give my outfit some shape and paired it with my Reformation black heeled sandals. For the final touch, I put on my straw boater and carried my bucket bag. Now, nobody needs to know I ripped my dress...except everyone who is reading this.

Button-down shirt style

Outfit 4

For this look, I styled my white blouse with a suede mini skirt that has a sixties vibe. I chose the flat leather gladiator sandals to go with it, and since I’m kind of extra, I chose to wear a large silk scarf on my hair, as if I’m about to go for a ride in a convertible. Cat-eye sunglasses and my bucket bag were the clear choices to complete this look.


White blouse with bold red pants

Outfit 5

For this look, I chose to style my white shirt with wide-legged red pants--so red, you can’t ignore me. I paired this with my black heeled sandals, and to take it up a notch, I added a black belt. A Panama hat and black shades added an air of mystery to the look. And for the final touch, I chose a black purse.  

Styling a white shirt

Outfit 6

For this outfit, I started with a classic combination of white shorts and a beige tank top. I styled it with my white blouse, worn open over the tank top. This is something I love about button-down shirts--being able to wear them either open or closed lends itself to so much versatility. I chose the leather sandals again, and the bucket bag to keep in the same color family as the tank top, and threw on the Panama hat and cat-eye sunglasses to pull the look together and take away from the pajama vibe of this outfit. 

Black and white look

Outfit 7

Now it’s time for my favorite color combination: black and white. Here, I’ve styled my white blouse with a pair of wide-legged black pants, which is one of my favorite pieces. To elevate the look, I chose to pair it with a black belt, black stiletto sandals, and a black bucket hat. I added a black bag to finish the look.


Exotic vacation look

Outfit 8

Linen is a fantastic summer fabric, and I’ve chosen to pair my linen blouse with a beige linen skirt. My leather gladiator sandals made an appearance in this look, as well, along with my bucket bag. To style things up, I tied the tails of my shirt at my waist, braided my hair, and chose a colorful scarf to wear around my neck. Lastly, I donned my Panama hat. I love this look because it gives me exotic vacation vibes, which is something that’s been sorely lacking during the pandemic. 

An outfit with a young vibe

Outfit 9

This time, I decided to do something a little different. I styled my blouse with a schoolgirl-style plaid dress. I paired the outfit with my nude slingbacks and added the straw boater hat to make it a little chicer. To be honest, I feel like I’m too old for this outfit, but it’s still cute, and I’m happy to give you all ideas, even if it’s not my preferred style.  

How to style a white button-down shirt

Outfit 10

For the last look, I am once again in my favorite color combination of black and white. I styled my blouse with a pair of polka dot pants that I haven’t worn in years, but I happily rediscovered them recently. I tied my shirttails at the waist and added my black stiletto sandals and a polka dot scarf to match my pants. I completed the look with my black bucket hat and cat-eye sunglasses. 

If I can create ten outfits with only one shirt, imagine how many outfits you can create with a wardrobe of only ten versatile items just like this. Let me know which look you liked the most!

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  • Woodbourne5 Woodbourne5 on Apr 08, 2021

    I enjoyed your inspiration working around one shirt and keeping it simple . Our bodies are canvas’s and I love pulling it all together.

  • Seal Seal on Apr 18, 2021

    I am going to acquire a white linen s/s blouse next shopping trip. You sold me. Thank you!