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I am just obsessed with shoes! Rather than buy more pairs to add to my collection I decided to let my creative juices flow! Using a gorgeous black pair of stilettos, I came up with 15 amazing DIY high heel ideas. Each look totally transformed and customized the shoe. By the end, I had a shoe for every possible occasion! If you want to learn how I upgraded and restyled a pair of heels, this tutorial is for you! Follow my steps and learn how I found 15 gorgeous ways to refashion my shoes.

Tools and materials:

  • Black heels
  • Black string
  • Black ribbon
  • String of pearls
  • String of diamantes
  • Beaded fringe
  • Feathered fringe
  • Pearls
  • Glitter socks
  • Buckle
  • Glue
  • Scissors
DIY high heels

I had a pair of gorgeous black stiletto heels. I decided to get a little bit creative and I found 15 ways to totally glam up the heels. These different looks totally upgraded and customized my shoes and I am so obsessed with every last transformation! 

Add a string of pearls
Add a string of pearls

For this first fashion upgrade, I tied a string of pearls around my foot to create a gorgeous pearl strap effect.

DIY ankle straps for heels

This look is so incredibly classy and I just love it! 

Cut the socks
Add socks

For this next style, I cut a small hole in the heel of a super-cute and glitzy sock. I pulled the sock over my shoe, with the heel coming through the hole I had just cut. 

Wear the socks over the shoes

I was left with an amazing DIY pair of sock boots that are so in right now! 

Add feathers
Add feathers

To create the next, amazing shoe style, all I used was a feathered fringe and some glue. I put the glue on the inside of the shoe and stuck on my fringe. I couldn’t wait for the glue to fry so that I could try on my refashioned heels!  

DIY fringe heels

I love the texture this fringe adds to the shoe! It totally creates an elegant look! 

Add ribbon
Add a ribbon

For this next style, I added a black silky ribbon to complement the black heel. You can always choose a different color to contrast the shoe. I tied the ribbon around my ankle to create the desired effect.

Tie the ribbon

I adore this classic look! These stunning shoes are so easy to pair with any outfit! 

Tie ribbon around the heels
Tie ribbon around the heels

In this next look, I used my black ribbon and tied it around my foot, and then wrapped it around the heel of the shoe. 

Wrap it around the heel

I love the small detail of wrapping the ribbon around the heel of the shoe. It makes this look absolutely gorgeous! 

Tie string to a buckle
Add string and a buckle

For his next shoe style, I tied two pieces of black string onto a buckle. One piece of string I tied around my ankle like a strap and the other I actually tied around one of my toes. 

Add string and a buckle to the look

This look is totally stunning! You would never know my toes are holding it all together. It’s the perfect trick! 

Add glue inside
Add a beaded fringe

The next look I created was just amazing. I added some glue to the back of my shoes and stuck on a gorgeous beaded fringe. I trimmed the fringe a little so that it wouldn’t be too long. 

DIY fringe heels

I absolutely adore this fun fringe look! It adds a 20s flapper style to any look. 

Criss-cross the string
Add a criss-cross strap

For this next look, I recreated the super popular criss-cross strap by tying a piece of black string under my foot and crisscrossing it on my leg. 

DIY lace-up heels

I love this criss-cross style! it’s the perfect balance between class and edginess. 

Add a criss-cross ribbon
Add a criss-cross ribbon

For this next, elegant look, I crisscrossed a black ribbon around my ankle and tied a bow at the back. 

Tie a bow at the back

This style is seriously perfect for any elegant evening out! 

Add multiple string straps
Add multiple string straps

For this next, amazing heel style, I simply wrapped black string around my toes and angled them to create a multiple string strap effect. 

Tie them around your toes

This style is awesome! It totally gives a modern edge to the gladiator design. I just love this look! 

Add a feathered fringe to the back
Add a feathered fringe to the back

For this next style, I once again used a feathered fringe. This time I added glue to the inside, back of the shoes, and then stuck on the feathered piece. 

Strut around in these shoes

This peacock inspired style totally gives me the confidence to strut my stuff!

Add a string of diamantes
Add a string of diamantes

This next shoe style takes glam to another level. I tied black string to a string of diamantes which I then tied around my foot. 

Glam up the shoes

I am totally obsessed with the shine and glamour this style has to offer! 

Put on a pair of socks
Wear a pair of glittery socks

This style is so easy to recreate. All you need to do is put on a pair of black glittery socks. 

Put the shoe over the sock

This simple shoe upgrade is so on-trend and out of the box!

Bedazzle the heel
Bedazzle the heel

This next transformation is so much fun! I took some pearls and a bit of glue and totally bedazzled my stiletto heels. You can add as many or as little pearls as you want to recreate this look. 

Stick on the pearls

It’s amazing how such a small detail can add so much to the shoe. I just love this look! 

Create a feathered heel
Create a feathered heel

This look reuses the stunning feathered fringe. I applied glue to the heel of my shoe and stuck on the feathered piece. 

Add depth

This look is so different and I just adore it! The feathers on the heel add some extra depth, creating a gorgeous, customized shoe. 

DIY black heels
Put two styles together

As a bonus, I decided to mix up two styles. I added my diamante string piece to the bedazzled pair. Rather than tie it around my foot, I tied it around my toe and ankle. I totally love these two styles together. They are all the glitz and glam I could want! 

I love how easy it is to customize a pair of shoes! Which style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Black heels
  • Black string
  • Black ribbon
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