How to Style a Shirt Dress 24 Different Ways

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to style a shirt dress 24 different ways. A shirt dress is one of the most versatile pieces for a spring/summer wardrobe, but I have also styled it into the winter and fall months as well.

I tried to keep everything that I styled it with really simple, so you can recreate these looks with pieces in your own closet.

A simple shirt dress

1. Simple shirt dress

The unadulterated version. Pair with sneakers and a cap and you’re good to go. Minimalist fashion at its best.

Shirt dress with a belted waist

2. Belted shirt dress

For a more feminine feel, add some definition to your silhouette with a skinny belt. Tie your hair up to show off the v-shaped neckline.

Shirt dress with a belt and blazer

3. Shirt dress with a blazer

Up the ante with a blazer and a pair of heels for a more dressed-up look.

Shirt dress with a wide belt and trench coat

4. Shirt dress with a trench coat

A long trench coat will add some proportional contrast, while a soft neutral tone always pairs well with white. Take this outfit to the next level with a wide belt and a pair of peep-toe heels

Shirt dress as outer wear

5. Shirt dress as outerwear

Transform the shirt into a piece of outerwear by layering it over a top and some shorts.

Shirt dress over t-shirt and shorts

6. Shirt dress with shorts and accessories

For an elevated everyday look, go for a pair of metallic flats and accessorize with a scarf tied around your neck. Little details can make a big difference.

Shirt dress with black top and white shorts

7. Black and white shirt dress outfit

Create a winning black and white combo by pairing your shirt with some white shorts and a black tee.

Shirt dress worn underneath a skirt

8. Skirt over a shirt dress

A skirt worn on top of the shirt dress makes for a welcome change. Match your metallic pumps with a metallic jacket for a coordinated look.

Shirt dress under a black sweater dress

9. Sweater dress over a shirt dress

Darken things up with a black sweater dress. A straightforward outfit that comes together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Shirt dress with leggings and a blazer

10. Shirt dress with leggings

Throw a pair of shiny black leggings into the mix for a touch of glam. Complete the look with a classic blazer.

Shirt dress with leggings and a denim jacket

11. Shirt dress outfit for cooler weather

Take your shirt dress into cooler weather by adding a pair of ankle boots, a denim jacket, and a flowy scarf to your shirt and leggings combo.

Shirt dress with leggings and a skinny belt

12. Shirt dress with leggings and a skinny belt

Cinch your waist with a skinny belt to break up the long shirt. A scarf tied around the neck is the perfect understated accessory.

Shirt dress with a belted scarf

13. Shirt dress with a belted scarf

Turn an accessory into the focal part of the outfit by belting a long scarf at the waist.

Shirt dress with a long sweater

14. Shirt dress with a long sweater

Layer up by throwing a long sweater on top of the shirt dress. Have the cuffs, neck, and bottom peeping out for a cohesive look.

Shirt dress with a cap and sneakers

15. Half-tucked shirt dress

Create a street-style look by tucking one side of the shirt in and leaving the other untucked. Stay comfortable while you’re out with a baseball cap and a pair of sneakers.

Shirt dress tied at the waist

16. Tied shirt dress

Add some flair to your shirt dress by tying it at the waist. The attractive reinterpretation will serve as the focal point and needs little embellishment.

Shirt dress layered with top and jacket

17. Layered shirt dress

Wearing your shirt as a piece of outerwear doesn’t mean that you can’t layer on top of it as well! Throw on a leather jacket for a sassy look.

Shirt dress buttoned at the top

18. Shirt dress buttoned at the top

Turn your shirt dress into a flowy jacket by buttoning up the top button and leaving the rest undone. This feels a little bit like a stylish cape - for the superwoman that you are.

Wearing a shirt dress back to front

19. Back to front shirt dress

Shake things up by wearing your shirt dress back to front to create a tunic dress. The same shirt is seen through a new lens.

Shirt dress with a long scarf tie

20. Shirt dress with a tie scarf

Elongate your figure with a long scarf tie. This is a bit of a play on a men’s shirt and tie outfit.

Shirt dress with a sweater and jeans

21. Proportion of thirds

Go for the golden ratio by dressing to the proportion of thirds - black, white, denim - very flattering.

Shirt dress with accessories

22. Shirt dress with accessories

Go big or go home. Add a long neckpiece, either a necklace or a long skinny scarf, for a playful touch.

Shirt dress with pants and a jacket

23. Shirt dress with pants

Opt for a metallic jacket to elevate a black and white outfit. A pair of pants teamed with heels creates an overall polished and refined look.

Shirt dress with over-the-knee boots

24. Shirt dress with thigh-high boots

Over-the-knee boots add an air of sophistication to an otherwise simple look. The white overwear provides a nice contrast to the dark tones in this outfit.

How to style a shirt dress

Those are 24 shirt dress outfits, though there are heaps of other ways that you can style a shirt dress as well. A shirt dress is so versatile which allows for constant reinterpretation, and means that you’ll never get bored of wearing it.

Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial on what to wear with a shirt dress and tell me which was your favorite outfit in the comments.

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