How to Style a Bodycon Dress in 10 Different & Elegant Ways

In this lookbook, I'm going to show you how to style a bodycon dress in 10 different ways. This dress is knitted, and it scoops and slides over all the good bits, and miraculously avoids all the bad. Although the dress is fitted, it's not skintight, and it still feels comfortable and flattering to wear. Let's get into it.

Bodycon dress with a blazer and boots

1. Blazer and boots

I'm making use of my knee-high boots and also a loose blazer. I didn't want anything too fitted, and this is nice and casual looking. I finished off with a structured handbag in a camel shade.

Overall it's quite a high-low style - the dress and the clutch feel very polished and elegant, whereas the blazer and the boots feel a bit more slouchy, cool, and laidback. I love the juxtaposition of those styles together as well as all the neutral tones blended together.

Bodycon dress outfit idea with leather jacket

2. Leather jacket and boots

For a tougher look, I've added a leather jacket over the top. To tie in with the jacket, I added some pointed-toe ankle boots. They've got the perfect heel height - high enough to make you feel nice and tall, but not so high that you couldn't wear them on an everyday basis.

Belted bodycon dress with loafers

3. Blazer, belt, and loafers

Next up, I went for a workwear look just to show you that it can be done with a bodycon dress. Keeping it very tailored, I added a black blazer over the top that instantly elevates the look and makes me feel very polished.

I also like breaking up that block of beige and adding a black belt to define my waist. It gives the outfit a different edge. On my feet, I opted for loafers. They're very flat and minimal and work well with this dress.

Belted bodycon dress with a coat

4. Coat, belt, and heels

To dress the outfit up a little bit for the evening, I wanted to draw the eye to the waist. I added my tan leather belt, which is wide and quite a statement piece. The tan of the sandals works really nicely with the belt.

What to wear over a bodycon dress

5. Sweater and kitten heels

To keep the dress pretty elegant, I am wearing a pair of kitten heels on my feet. I added a lovely sweater over the top to make the dress work for the colder fall weather. The sweater is in the same shade as the dress, keeping the look very tonal and harmonious.

Casual bodycon dress outfit with a tied shirt

6. Shirt and flats

Here, I've layered a blue shirt over the top of the bodycon dress and tied it in a knot at the waistline. I've tied it quite tight and quite high up on my waistline to really accentuate my waist and let the dress fall nicely over my hips.

For a bit of extra elongation, I went for a pair of pointed-toe flats in a taupe tone. Keeping the look light and neutral, I finished it with a big taupe bag.

Bodycon dress with a Breton top

7. Sweater and boots

Next up, I've paired the dress with a lovely striped sweater in an oversized fit. Paired with this dress and those little ankle boots on my feet makes for a comfy and understated outfit that has a little bit of a French vibe to it.

How to wear a bodycon dress casually

8. Sweater and flats

The beige and the camel tones in this outfit work really nicely together. The fact that the sweater is a v-neck and it's a bit big on me allows it to gently slip off the shoulder, and that adds a little bit of sexiness in an understated way.

To contrast that sexiness, I went for cute and dainty on my feet with some ballet flats.

Bodycon dress with a long cardigan

9. Cardigan and flats

Here, I decided to go tonal again. I added this beautiful cardigan over the top, which instantly makes the dress feel more laid back and casual, but it still feels very timeless and sophisticated.

Rather than leave it loose, I decided to do one of the buttons up. It ends up elongating the whole look. To accentuate that even more, I opted for my very light taupe-toned loafers on my feet, and it just keeps that line running all the way down.

Bodycon dress with sneakers outfit

10. Sweater and sneakers

For the last look, I just threw on a black sweater and a pair of sneakers. I know this look might not be everyone's cup of tea, but personally, I kind of like that haphazard way of dressing. The high neck of the sweater is a true joy.

The sneakers have a bit of navy in them, which matches the tone of the sweater.

How to style a bodycon dress

That is how to style a bodycon dress casually in 10 different ways. A bodycon dress is so versatile, and I loved putting all of these different outfits together.

Whatever vibe you’re going for, be it formal, casual, ladylike, or chic, there is a way that you can style a dress like this to get the look you want.

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