Check Out These Two Great Ways to Style a Bodycon Dress

It can be hard to figure out how to style an outfit. Sometimes you want to do a bit more than just throw on an outfit and go. In this tutorial, I’ll take one bodycon dress and style it in two different ways. The first style will be dressed-up and the second will be dressed-down, giving us both an elegant and a casual look out of the same dress. It’s really fun to see the differences accessories can make, so check it out.

How to style a bodycon dress
The base

The dress I styled is a purple bodycon dress. The sleeves reach the elbows and the length goes to just over the knee. I love the rich color and it’s a very comfortable and flattering dress. I got this dress years ago at Golden Tote, and it’s one of my favorites. 

How to style a bodycon dress for winter
Dressed up

For the dressed-up version of this dress, I paired it with my galaxy-patterned heels and a black grid-patterned coat. A long, loose coat is the perfect way to go if you’re self-conscious about wearing such a tight-fitting dress. Additionally, the mix of tight and loose makes for a more interesting outfit. I love the way the prints mix, and it works so well as they are different sizes, and don’t compete for your attention. The solid color of the purple dress also helps to separate the patterns. To finish off the look, I’d add a black glittered clutch and turquoise statement earrings. 

Style a bodycon dress
Casual look

For the casual look, I went with crisp white sneakers and a velvet floral bomber jacket. I actually got this jacket at the same place I got the dress, and I love the way they look together. To finish off the look, I’ve added a black, layered, choker necklace and some cubic zirconia stud earrings. 

Bodycon dress style

Styling a bodycon dress

There you have it folks: two completely different ways to style your favorite bodycon dress! I think it’s so cool that you can create such contrasting looks out of the same item of clothing! It really goes to show how much shoes and accessories can make an outfit. So which of these styles would you rather wear? Let me know in the comments! 

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  • Ellie Lopez Ellie Lopez on Nov 27, 2020

    Loose no-fit windowpane jacket = not for a tailored look.

    Bomber jacket - switch to a floral jacket, but not loose fitting. No sneakers for me - replace with flats. Jewelry great.

    • Style Within Grace Style Within Grace on Dec 01, 2020

      It's interesting to see how each person styles things differently as well! So many different ways to wear the one dress.