How to Style a Little Black Dress in Different Ways: 20 Unique Looks

Martina Pan
by Martina Pan

Today, I’m going to show you how to style a little black dress in lots of different ways. Many of us fall into the trap of styling our clothes always in the same way, so this style guide will help you to break away from that habit and think outside the box. Let's get started.

I'll be wearing the same ribbed cami bodycon dress in every outfit.

How to accessorize a little black dress

1. Accessorize

When wearing your LBD, one simple tip is to accessorize, so I added a gold necklace and some gold earrings. I also have a black bag with gold hardware.

I finished off the look with some nude heels, which are almost the same color as my skin tone—that is a trick to elongate your legs.

This is a great date night outfit.

Casual little black dress outfit

2. Everyday LBD

For an everyday look, I switched out the heels for some white sneakers and the bag for a fanny pack, which I wore as a crossbody bag.

By changing my shoes and bag, I have already created a different vibe that is more daytime appropriate than the first one.

Little black dress outfit with a pop of color

3. Pop of color

For a pop of color, I’m wearing this red crossbody bag, and I’m wearing my trusty silver hoop earrings, which I think will never go out of style, at least in my closet.

I’m still wearing my white sneakers for comfort and that very street-style vibe.

Little black dress outfit with a headband

4. LBD with a headband

For the next look, I used the ribbon from my bag as a headband, but this time I used a black shoulder bag to balance that pop of color on my head.

This look is still really casual, but the headband adds some trendy character.

Y2K little black dress style ideas

5. Y2K LBD

Carrying on with the headband look, here I’m wearing a white one which reminds me a lot of my early childhood days, and I added a cow-print baguette bag which I think is really in nowadays.

I also exposed some socks to finish off that Y2K vibe.

What to wear with a little black dress

6. LBD as a skirt

Apart from accessorizing, layering is also a no-brainer trick. Here I’ve used a very simple white logo shirt, and I just tied it around the waist to give some shape. I finished the look with a baguette bag.

As you can see, the dress serves here as a skirt. Of course, I’m also still wearing my go-to, no-fail white sneakers.

All-black little black dress outfit

7. Black top, black dress

Still wearing the dress as a skirt, I just used this black crop top for that sleek monochromatic look.

I just added some gold accessories and this black and gold bag as well, and I finished it off with nude heels for that sleek look.

Wearing a tied blouse over a little black dress

8. LBD with a tied shirt

Another layering tip is to use blouses. This one is sleeveless, but you can also use long-sleeved blouses.

I finished it off with some strappy white slides and a cow-print baguette bag to give the very monochromatic outfit a little dimension.

Wearing a t-shirt under a little black dress

9. T-shirt under an LBD

As well as layering something over the dress, it’s also easy to layer something underneath it.

Here, I’m wearing a white crop top that is also ribbed like the dress. I also used a black baguette bag and some animal-printed sandals to give a little character to the monochromatic look. 

Winter little black dress outfit

10. Cold-weather LBD outfit

This dress is so versatile that you can also wear it in colder weather. Here, I layered a brown turtleneck underneath. I added black boots and a black bag with some touches of gold.

How to style a little black dress with jeans

11. LBD with jeans

It’s also easy to use the dress as a top. Here I’m wearing black jeans and I added a pop of color with a red bag. Once again, I have on my trusty white sneakers.

How to style a little black dress with pants

12. LBD as a top

Here I’m wearing the same set of clothes, but I just changed my bag, shoes, and accessories. You can probably tell by now that I like gold accessories and wearing sandals, so this is really my go-to look.

Little black dress outfit with pants

13. LBD with patterned pants

The little black dress is really easy to style with patterns, so here I’m wearing striped pants that I paired with some nude heels and my favorite black bag worn as a crossbody bag.

Wearing pants over a little black dress

14. LBD with colored pants

Aside from patterns, it’s also nice to pair the little black dress with some colors. This time, I’m wearing a lilac-colored pair of pants.

Little black dress outfit with a skirt over the top

15. LBD with a skirt

Combining patterns and colors, I styled the black dress under this printed mini skirt. Finishing off the look are some nude slides.

Sporty jacket to wear with a little black dress

16. LBD as a tank top

It’s nice to pair the little black dress with denim and here I also added an oversized jacket. On my feet I have some heeled slides and this look gives me model-off-duty vibes.

Hooded jacket to wear with a little black dress

17. LBD with a hoodie

Here I styled the little black dress with some chunky white sneakers and this outfit gives me a street style vibe. I would like to give a shoutout to my boyfriend for giving me his jacket.

What to wear over a little black dress

18. LBD for the office

This next outfit is an office look. I styled the dress with a fitted blazer and some closed-toe heels.

What shoes to wear with a little black dress

19. Business-casual LBD

This look with the white cropped jacket is sort of in between office and casual so if you work in a office that doesn’t have a very strict dress code, I think this look will do.

How to style a little black dress

20. Monochrome LBD outfit

I’m a big fan of all-black outfits and I’ve balanced this one out by adding some touches of gold.

How to style a little black dress

In this style guide, I’ve shown you how you can style a little black dress layered under other pieces, layered on top of them, as a skirt, as a top and just as a little black dress.

There are so many ways to wear this versatile piece, I hope you give some of my outfit ideas a go!

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