11 Easy Tips on How to Always Look Polished and Put Together

Silvana Patrick
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I’m so excited to share my favorite tips for how to look polished and put together.

During my years in the fashion industry, I learned so many hacks I still use today.

These tips will not only make dressing easier, it will also expand your wardrobe by wearing your clothes in unexpected ways.

Tools and materials:

  • Oversized sweater
  • Blazer 
  • Pin
  • Crossbody bag
  • Oversized blouse
  • Rubber band
  • Fashion tape
  • Silicon insoles
  • Fabric shaver
Wearing a sweater as a skirt

1. Wear a sweater as a skirt

Clothes can and should be worn your way and with creativity.

Take a big sweater and pull it down so that the collar is around your waist.

Tie the sleeves around your waist to make it into a skirt.

Next, grab a fitted sweater in the same color pallet and tuck it in loosely.

Blazer outfit

2. Personalize a blazer

If you have something that you love but it doesn’t quite work for you, you can always modify it.

You can create a designer silhouette much more easily with an oversized blazer than a fitted one. Use a pin or a belt to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette.

To show you how to do this I am wearing a pants suit. I took the belt from the pants and used it over the blazer instead to give the waist more definition.

I pulled up the sleeves a little and I have an effortlessly chic look.

Sweater look

3. Keep your sweater in place

Wrapping a sweater over your shoulders is very classy, but keeping the sweater in place can be complicated.

Tying the sleeves can make the sweater look too bunched up. Instead, use a pocketbook over one shoulder, crossing over your body.

This will keep the sweater in place and make the overall look more tidy.

If you don’t want to wear a bag, a broach or pin can be another great solution.

Turning your bag into a backpack

4. Turn your bag into a backpack

Sometimes I have to carry a lot of things and I don’t want to wear a crossbody bag because it interferes with what I’m wearing.

Here’s a great trick to turn your crossbody bag into a backpack. Put the bag over your head, facing backward.

Put your arms through the straps and flip the bag over your head so it hangs like a backpack.

Oversized blouse

5. Oversized blouse

Grab an oversized shirt that looks too frumpy and customize it to your liking. Put your shirt on backward and tuck in the collar.

Tuck the shirt into your pants or skirt so it looks nice and neat.

Just like that, you have a brand new blouse with a completely unique style.

Oversized blouse

Here’s another fun option. Start by putting one sleeve on with the shirt facing backward. 

Oversized blouse

Then twist the shirt and put the other sleeve on. You can button as much or as little as you want in the back. You can tuck it in, and add a belt.

Wearing blouse as band

6. Wear it as a band

Another way to give new life to an oversized blouse is to wear it as a band.

Fold the shirt horizontally so it is the same width as the sleeves.

Then place the shirt under your bust and tie the sleeves around your waist at the back. Tuck the sleeves into the band to hide them.

Tucking oversized sweater

7. Oversized sweater

Use an elastic hair tie or rubber band and tie to gather the bottom. Tie it up and tuck the extra fabric in and under the sweater. 

Tucking oversized sweater

You can use a pin instead of a rubber band if that makes the gathering too bulky.

Using fashion tape

8. Fashion tape

A simple solution like fashion tape can do so much to keep your clothes in place and make your overall look tidier.

A small detail like taping down a flappy color can really help a look feel more finished.

You can also use fashion tape if you want to take some length off the leg of your pants but don’t have time to put in a new hem.

Layering a skirt over a dress

9. Layer a skirt over a dress

I have a dress that looks like an elongated blouse. It’s so pretty but can sometimes look a bit matronly.

I put a simple wrap skirt over the dress around my waist and the finished product is a chic and classy outfit with some interest and modernity.

Sandals with stockings

10. Sandals with stockings

Wearing stockings with sandals can get slippery and make walking uncomfortable.

To fix this I wear a silicon pad on the inside of my sandals. This prevents slipping.

Removing lint

11. Remove lint

A fabric shaver is the best option for removing pilling from every kind of fabric.

It’s a simple item that can completely renew any clothes you use it on.

How to look polished and put together

I hope you found this helpful. These simple hacks will give your wardrobe a healthier and longer life.

Try to see everything you own in a new light to get the most out of each piece. 

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Suggested materials:
  • Oversized sweater
  • Blazer
  • Pin
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