Style Secrets: 11 Easy Tips on How to Look Polished

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by Silvana Patrick
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I don't know who doesn't love scrolling Instagram or Pinterest feeds and admiring amazingly dressed women.

You can dress just like them because, here, I’m going to show you how to look polished.

Denim outfit

1. Highlight your personality

Even if you follow a trend, put your own spin on it. No one wants to look just like everyone else.

You can take inspiration from current trends without copying them exactly.

For example, I saw this street style and loved it, but it is a bit out there for me.

Denim outfit

So I created my version of it with the pieces I already own. That way, I'm still being myself but I can also style my pieces in a new and different way.

2. Give your style a name

Stylish women tend to know exactly what their style is. For example, 70s classic or minimalist chic.

There are always two words. It's never a single word, it's always a combination. 

Outfit inspiration

My style is classic with a twist - I love elevated classics mixed with basics to showcase my personality. 

If you're unsure about your style, look at the people you admire, the types of films you enjoy watching, and the decoration of your home. All these things give you a clue as to what your style is. 

3. Know the elements of style

The elements of style are shape, color, pattern, and texture. You want to know what works for you, how to use and combine them, mix prints, and mix different colors.

Outfit inspiration

Someone with a bold personality can combine bright colors or mix different prints.

Outfit inspiration

Someone with a classic style may prefer neutrals and impeccably tailored pieces with sleek accessories.

Outfit inspiration

Combining colors is about more than just pairing strong and intense shades.

You can create a smart and chic combo with a neutral base and a bright accent. Gray with yellow is a combination that I return to often.

Outfit inspiration

Monochromatic dressing can feel altogether stylish or plain and boring. It's all about how you put it together.

An ideal way to add interest is by playing with shades of the same color.

Also, don’t forget about texture. You could throw in a tweed jacket or a pair of snake print boots.

4. That ‘je ne sais quoi’

Stylish women often have something that may look unintentional, but it's quite intentional. Every element of their outfit has a purpose to it. 

5. Repeat outfits

Well-dressed ladies are free of the concept that you have to wear something different each day.

It's never been more stylish to have a signature piece - something that you see on repeat on someone. It could be a statement piece, or it could be an outfit like a t-shirt, blazer, and jeans.

Outfit inspiration

Whenever I feel pressed for time, I reach out to my failproof “uniform,” which is wide-leg pants, a pretty top, and perhaps a blazer.

6. Go for high-end and main street

It's never how much you paid for the outfit or the logo or the brand. It's about the mix of high-end and main street.

I like to invest money in good quality shoes and accessories.


A well-structured bag will elevate your look and make the rest of the outfit look more expensive.


7. Create an accessories capsule

There are so many reasons why accessories can make an outfit. They are also a signature part of an individual's personal style.

Outfits are the sum of all parts, and the finishing touches can either make or break it.

8. Signature style

All stylish women have their signature something - a signature accessory or a signature outfit.

Yours can be as simple as a personalized piece of jewelry or as memorable as a leopard print coat.

9. Master layering

Layering different pieces really allows you to express your creativity

Outfit inspiration

One of my favorite ways to layer is to play with different necklines for a subtle effect. This allows you to showcase some jewelry.

Outfit inspiration

Another very cool and unexpected way to layer is to combine two shirts.

Outfit inspiration

You can also go for two tops in different lengths.

Outfit inspiration

Everybody knows that a belt changes a look, but using a sweater instead not only looks cool but doubles as another layer you can wear if you need it.

Outfit inspiration

10. Quality is key

Every stylish woman knows how to recognize quality and doesn't think that it’s just relevant for big pieces like blazers. Even the humble t-shirt deserves organic cotton. 

11. Thrift

Shopping in vintage stores will help you create an exclusive look and find old and handmade pieces full of personality that no one else will have.

How to look polished

There we have some top tips on how you can look stylish and put-together while showcasing your individuality and unique style.

Which tip is your favorite? Comment down below.

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