How to Style Jewelry: Quick and Easy Styling Hacks to Look Polished

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In this tutorial, I’m going to style jewelry.

Wearing the right jewelry in the right way is, in my opinion, one of the greatest styling hacks of all time. Let’s jump in with my first tip!

How to style jewelry

1. Switch out your chains and your pendants

I often find that, when we have an outfit combination that works really well together, we tend to put that combination back in our closets. We don't deviate because we know those items work well together, and it takes no effort to put them on.

The same thing happens with jewelry - we tend to keep the same pendants on the same chains and wear that combination over and over again.

But, if you just switch out a pendant with a different chain, it can have a completely different effect.

Take, for example, my heirloom necklace, which is on a standard gold chain. I've recently started switching out my two pendants by putting them on a chain in a longer length so that I can loop it around and wear it almost like a choker and a long necklace.

I am loving this change, it has completely revamped and given my heirloom pendants a completely new life.

I love wearing them this way, and it also really changes up the whole style vibe of my look - it adds more of an edge.

How to style jewelry

In order to get more usage out of my heirloom chain, I took my two pearl pendants and put those on the heirloom chain instead.

I can either wear the two necklaces separately or layer them both together. It’s just a really cool way to make these swaps.

How to style jewelry

For a more high-impact look, I wouldn't be afraid to add some pendants onto gemstone or beaded necklaces if you want a more maximal or impactful look.

A good example of this for me is adding a pearl pendant onto a pearl necklace.

It’s a lot of pearls and a lot of gold, but when I want something a little bit more visually impactful, I think this combination looks really great.

All I've done is swap out the pendants and the chain. It literally takes less than a minute.

2. Go for low-effort but high-impact stacks or combinations

It's been a very popular practice to stack dainty jewelry.

However, you can create a more bold and more impactful look if you take two or three pieces that are already pretty maximal and have a high visual impact and mix those together.

How to style jewelry

A good example of this is these rings that I've stacked on one finger.

I think it's neat to have the same rings on the other hand as a single. These dome rings are great on their own, but they do have a really great heft and visual weight when you're stacking them together on one finger and balancing it out on the other hand.

It can really create an interesting look that feels very singular and really different. So definitely try these kinds of stacks.

How to style jewelry

You can also try stacking something very bold with one or two more delicate rings.

Or, in your ears, you could do like a really chunky hoop earring with a couple of studs as a stack. 

If you only have one hole pierced, like me, you could go with something that just has more visual heft in general, like a chunkier hoop earring.

Just try mixing it up so that you are going a little bit exaggerated with these bolder, heavier pieces, and see how that looks.

How to style jewelry

Another example of this could be pairing these bangles with my watch.

I like the way these look, I think it's a really interesting mix of metals.

They aren't huge or chunky by any means, but when I pair them with the watch, they feel more interesting.

How to style jewelry

3. Emphasize dramatic lengths

My final tip is to underscore any dramatic lengths that you have going on with your necklaces.

For example, if you're wearing a shorter chain or necklace, try and amplify that by layering a bunch of shorter necklaces.

I like how the textures mix together. They don't all match perfectly, but when mixed together, it just adds an interesting dimension to my outfit.

How to style jewelry

The same thing goes with any longer necklaces whether you've got cool textures on a long pendant necklace.

All of that really changes up the visual and can also create a completely different neckline if you so choose, depending on how you style it and depending on what shirt you're wearing with it.

How to style jewelry

That is what I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and you test out some of these little tricks.

Let me know if you do and how they come across in the comments below!

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  • Debra Debra on Jun 07, 2023

    Great tips. Dainty pendants for dainty chains. Heavy pendants need a sturdy chain necklace.