9 Super Easy Style Hacks to Look Your Best

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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Here are some great style hacks if you want to look chic without spending hours putting an outfit together.

As a stylist, I have some tricks up my sleeve for the days when I’m most pressed for time. I think these tips will help you put looks together quickly and easily.

Dependable pieces

1. Dependable pieces

Have some dependable pieces that work with most looks in your wardrobe.

A crisp white button-down shirt is a good example of this. When you don’t know what to wear this is a timeless chic piece that will elevate any look.

It doesn’t have to be a white shirt. You can choose any classic piece in any neutral color you have.

It can be a blazer or a pair of pants that fit you just right. If it’s nice and neutral you can pair it with anything, and dress it up or down, making an easy but fabulous looking outfit.

Mixing textures

2. Mixing textures

Pick one bold textured piece and pair with more neutral textures. A neutral texture would be something that has little to no texture.

Mixing up textures is an easy and effortless way to spice up your look without having to resort to loud or crazy silhouettes.

Mixing textures

Mixing textures is similar to mixing prints.

Identify the neutral textures to pair them easily with the bolder pieces. Stick with a limited color palette when mixing textures.

You can even just use pieces of the same color in different textures to create some boldness while maintaining the cohesion of the look.

Cashmere and silk pair well together, as do velvet and silk. You can also try mixing tweed and twill.

Personal touches

3. Personal touches

This is a very simple trick that I learned from my mom. Wear your blazer over your shoulders.

This creates such a great Parisian type feel and it’s great for spring or fall weather where you’re in between seasons.

Playing with proportion

4. Play with proportion

For an outfit to be interesting, you have to consider the overall balance. Play with the fit of your clothes.

If you’re wearing something with a lot of volume on top, keep the bottom piece more slim fit. The opposite also holds true.

Too many oversized pieces together can look sloppy and wearing everything fitted can look boring. Something like a flowy blouse and skinny jeans would work wonderfully.


5. Details

You can wear something as simple as a t-shirt and jeans and make it look fabulous by focusing on the details.

Invest in some quality basic pieces like a pair of jeans. High quality products will help you look great with no effort.

Luxurious basics will bring you halfway to what is already a wonderful outfit, because you know it won’t look cheap. High-end basics will last you much longer and look more refined.

Paying attention to details like the way you tuck in your shirt will also make you look better.

Luxurious item

6. Invest in one luxurious item

Have a piece that makes you feel expensive. It doesn’t have to actually be expensive. It just has to make you feel good.

Maybe it’s a nice watch or a nice piece of jewelry. Make that piece the star of the outfit.

Smart layers

7. Smart layers

Layers are a great way to add interest to a mundane look. Use contrasting colors. I love putting a black turtleneck under a white shirt. That alone makes the outfit so much more chic.

A great jacket or coat can really bring a look to another level. Investing in good outerwear is smart because it will last you a long time and become the focal point of your outfit.

Creating a uniform

8. Create a uniform

Have a handful of items that create your base signature look. The benefit of a uniform is you know it will always suit you.

You don’t have to use it often, but when you are pressed for time or just don’t know what to wear, this will really help you out.

Creating a signature look is the ultimate hack for hassle-free dressing. Consider your body shape, lifestyle and style preferences.

Applying lipstick

9. The real finishing touches

Style doesn’t stop at the neck. You have to consider your overall look. That includes your hair, skin, and makeup. I

f you have skin problems, go to a dermatologist to get a regimen that is personalized to your exact needs. Once you have that under control, find a makeup look that works for you.

Easy style hacks

Spending a few extra minutes getting yourself together every morning is so worth it.

You will feel better, stand taller, smile more, and people will naturally gravitate towards you. You are worth the extra time and energy to get yourself looking and feeling your best. 

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