7 Quick and Easy Style Hacks to Look Well Polished

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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Here, I’m going to share with you seven style hacks that will instantly elevate your outfit and make you look more put together.

I strongly believe that the devil is in the details, and I think that anyone can find these little hacks useful regardless of what you're wearing.

Criss-cross shirt

1. Criss-cross shirt

The regular way of tucking in a shirt can be bulky and sloppy. Try criss-crossing each side for a more flattering result.

Adding elastic band to sleeves

2. Keep your sleeves from falling down 

To stop those annoying sleeves from falling down all the time, place an elastic band on your sleeves and then roll the sleeves up over it.

Just make sure it's not too tight so it won't constrict your circulation.

Tucking sweater

3. Tucking in an oversized sweater 

An oversized thick sweater can look overwhelming, particularly when worn with roomy pants.

To balance out the look, use an elastic band to hold your sweater sleeves as well.

Your wrists are the narrowest part of your arms, and this makes your overall frame look a lot slimmer.

Tucked sweater

Tucking the sweater under your belt can look bulky.

Instead, try tucking it under your bra. This will lengthen your legs and define your waist better.

Tucking sweater

It is equally important to tuck in a sweater when wearing something delicate, like a slip dress.

To balance out the silhouette, you can use an elastic band - tie part of the sweater with it and then tuck it under. 

Tucking sweater

You can also use a thin belt. Place it over the sweater and then pull the sweater up and over it.

Tidying up a sweater over a shirt

4. Tidying up a sweater over a shirt 

Wearing a vest over a shirt can look sloppy. Try wearing a tank top over your shirt for a neater result.

Doing this will keep the shirt closer to your body so it doesn’t puff out so much.

Tying a coat

5. Tie a coat like a pro

Half-tuck your top in and tie the coat straps behind your back. The vertical lines hanging down at the back create an elongating effect.

Tying a coat

A simple traditional knot can look uninspiring and messy, and a double knot can add too much bulk.

Try a tie knot instead to look more polished and stylish.

To do this, start by wrapping one side of the belt around your hand. Then, pull the other side of the belt through the loop. 

Tied coat

Once you've done that, create a hole, then grab the other end of the belt and insert it into the hole, then pull it tight.

You will see a knot formed, then just adjust it to position it to stay in place.

Tied coat

Alternatively, you can remove the belt that comes with the trench and use your own belt.

It can be small, or it can be more rock and roll, whatever style you prefer.

Belted coat

A statement belt will really highlight your waist and look amazing.

Wearing pointed-toe shoes

6. Wear pointed-toe shoes

Round toes, although very popular and comfortable, aren't very flattering. They shorten your legs and can look dated.

Opt for a pointed toe for a more elongating effect. Particularly flattering are pointed-shoe toes in black or matching your skin tone.

On the left, I’m wearing pointed-toe shoes. On the right, I’m wearing round-toe ones with a strap.

Both of these details cut my legs, making them appear shorter than they actually are.

Shortening leggings

7. Shorten your leggings 

If your leggings are too long and sloppy, you can use an elastic band to shorten them and make them feel neater.

Removing lipstick from teeth

Bonus hack: How to remove lipstick from teeth

The most efficient way to prevent lipstick from going to your teeth is by sucking your finger. I know it's not very pretty, but it's very efficient.

How to not get makeup on clothes

Bonus hack: How to not get makeup on clothes

I often put makeup on before I get dressed.

To avoid the makeup from getting all over your clothes, simply put a scarf or a piece of cloth over your head.

Then pull it off once your clothes are on, and voila, no more makeup on your clothes.

Style hacks

These are my favorite hacks to improve your style. I hope you found them very useful and you’ll have a go at some of them yourself.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any top style hacks of your own!

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