How to Shop Your Closet: 8 Fashion Hacks to Expand Your Outfits

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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In this style guide, I’m going to show you how to shop your closet to look stylish and feel more confident.

If you want to know how to expand your range of options for what to wear without having to buy more stuff, the hacks I'm about to share will not only make dressing easier but will also allow you to get the most out of your clothes.

Tucked sweater

1. Crop your top

For the perfect crop, tuck your shirt or sweater into your bra. 

Tucked sweater

Tucking your top into your skirts or pants can often look sloppy and bulky.

But tucking the top into your bra can give you the perfect cropped length.

Styling a shirt

2. Wear your shirt in a different way 

Sometimes, wearing your favorite shirt the same way can feel boring.

Instead of leaving it at the back of your wardrobe, you can try to style it in new ways.

There's not a single way to wear an item, there are so many ways that you can style any one single piece.

If you don't have a cardigan or blazer for your dress, you can tie a simple knot at the bottom of your button-down.

Styling a shirt

Or pull the ends around and tie it at the back.

Styling a shirt

You can also wear your shirt backward.

Styling a shirt

When simply tucking in a shirt looks sloppy, try criss-crossing it for a more tidy result.

Tying blouse

3. Tie a pussy-bow blouse

Pussy-bow blouses are having a comeback, and I love them because I think they are timeless and elegant. But I think there are other ways to style it that add interest.

One of my favorite ways to tie a bow is to make it a men's-inspired tie. It looks perfect when you pair it with feminine pieces.

Tying blouse

The ultimate cool way to wear a pussy-bow is to create a flower effect and it's also very simple to do - simply fold the bow like a concertina and tie it with an elastic band.

Tying blouse

I also like it simply pinned with a broach.

Using fashion tape

4. Use fashion tape 

If you've got a necklace that you'd like to keep visible beneath your silk blouse or a stiff material that's crowding your neckline, fashion tape can help. Just apply small pieces of tape to the undersides of the collar points.

Determine how much of a y-shaped neckline you want to create, then tape the color to the shirt.

Using fashion tape

If you're about to head out and notice your hem begins to unravel, fashion tape can hold the material better and looks better than safety pins.

You can make it through the day with confidence and get out of your needle and thread once you get home.

Tied trench coat

5. Tie a trench coat like a pro

Instead of giving your trench coat the boring double knot or leaving the sides hanging down, try something different.

Pull the side of the belt without the buckle a bit longer and cross it over the side with the buckle.

Then, draw the long strap under and up to cinch it in.

Loop the strap under the one with the buckle and pull it across horizontally.

Then, pull the strap without the buckle away from the body and through the loop. (Check out the video 5:28-5:47 to see how to do this for yourself).

Shaping pants

6. Shape your pants 

If you want to wear baggy jeans but find that they’re just too loose and relaxed for you, what you can do is tie the bottom of the jeans at the back with an elastic to make them tighter around the ankle.

While holding the tied bit of the denim in place, secure it with a safety pin and pin it from the inside so your fix is invisible.

Shaping pants

Voila! You now have tapered boyfriend jeans that are nice and skinny around the ankle.

Using safety pins

7. Use safety pins

I use safety pins for just about everything, from tightening my pants around my waist to adjusting my bra strap.

You can also use safety pins to adjust and create silhouettes in your blazers and shirts.

Using ribbon on jeans

8. Use a ribbon as a quick loose jeans fix

We all have those items that we keep saying to ourselves, “You have to take this to a tailor,” but we never end up making it there.

If you have a pair of jeans that are too big on you, take a ribbon or short scarf, loop it between the front two loops of your jeans, and tie it to tighten the waist.

How to shop your closet

I hope you’ve found these styling hacks helpful and you’ll try them out for yourself!

The key is to have fun, experiment, and express your uniqueness through your clothing.

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