7 Easy Fashion Hacks to Look Polished

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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Today, I’m sharing seven easy fashion hacks on how to look polished and put together with elevated styles. Let’s get started.

Rolled up sleeves

1. Roll up your sleeves

This may sound very simplistic, but it makes a huge difference. It shows you know your craft and that you’re intentional about styling. 

Rolled up sleeves

Leaving sleeves down can make you look too serious and uninspiring.

By rolling them up, you refresh the look and immediately look cool and current.

Sleeves held up with band

Use a rubber band to hold up the sleeves and stop them from falling down. This works particularly well with silk and satin shirts.

Belt with blazer

2. Add a belt to a blazer

Belts have the power to transform a mundane look into something very special.

Beyond just cinching the waist and making you appear smaller, it also adds personality.

A wide belt cinching a blazer can give your ensemble a strong focal point, especially in a contrasting color.

Belts are proven to be versatile and they have tremendous staying power.

Wearing pearls

3. Add pearls

Adding pearls to a t-shirt and jeans completely transforms the look and takes it to the next level immediately.

The ideal outfit composition is a basic piece with elevated accessories. It’s all you need to instantly insert style into a wardrobe.

Choose pieces that truly represent who you are, both big and small. They should insert your personality and speak for you.

Keep the remainder of the outfit simple. Pearls are an excellent way to do this. 

Wearing pearls

Pairing them with jeans creates the ideal combination of classy and casual.

Color wheel

4. Add more color

Get out of your comfort zone and wear more color. Most people wear only two colors at once. Try experimenting with the third color and see how your outfit will be transformed into something more stylish and modern.

You can do this by pairing adjacent colors on the color wheel or family colors, which include different shades such as reds and oranges or purples and blues. 

Wearing bold colors

If you want to be bold, adjacent colors are the go-to. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with color combinations.

It’s striking and fun when you wear two or more bright colors, but keep your accessories neutral. 

Wearing bold colors

When wearing a multi-colored look, make sure to repeat one of the colors to anchor the look. 

Wearing bold colors

Wearing a simple or classic look is a great way to insert a bright color.

Since black and white have a lot of contrast, a bright color will really complement the outfit.

Tucked shirt

5. Tuck your shirt in different ways

A button-down shirt doesn’t need to be boring. Consider abandoning buttoning it completely.

The most basic way is to leave the top unbuttoned and button the bottom, but I like the opposite as well. 

Unbuttoned shirt

Unbutton the last buttons. This is a super cool way to style a plain shirt.

It shows the waistline, which is flattering, without appearing to try-hard. 

Unbuttoned shirt

A popular tuck is the French, or half, tuck.

This is where you tuck the front part of your shirt, but leave the side and back hanging out and loose.

This is a trendy, and club-ready look to dress up your nightwear. 

Tied shirt

Another way is to leave the shirt slightly unbuttoned at the bottom so you can tie the two sides in a knot.

The back can be left untucked or tucked, according to preference. 

Tucked shirt

A side tuck is great for when you want to look too cool to care. Tuck each corner on the opposite side of your pants.

Tonal look

6. Wear a tonal look

No matter which color you choose, from bright to neutral, wearing a tonal look is the fastest way to achieve an ultra, sophisticated style.

To take your tonal look to a whole new level, play with different textures. Combining leather, silk, cashmere, and tweed fabric adds dimension to a tonal ensemble.

Balance is key. Fully neutral styling can sometimes be sloppy if the look is too unstructured.

Mixing feminine and masculine pieces

7. Mix feminine and masculine pieces

An ultra-feminine or ultra-masculine look can reinforce the concept too much and leave the outfit feeling like something’s missing.

Contrasting styles create an incredible result when worn together such as this masculine blazer and feminine dress.

Look for items that have obvious feminine details, like ruffles or embroidery, and fabrics that are more masculine.

Lighter fabrics like tulle, chiffon, or silk are more feminine. 

Mixing feminine and masculine pieces

I dialed down the girliness of this organza blouse with tailored trousers and chunky loafers.

7 simple fashion hacks

Those are my seven favorite fashion hacks to show you how to look put together and polished.

Let me know which hack is your favorite down below!

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