3 Unexpected Ways to Wear Your Long Sleeve Top

by Lordella
5 Minutes

Do you love fashion hacks? Here, I’m going to show you three stylish ways to style a long-sleeved top. For this tutorial, I'm using a turtleneck top. Let’s jump on in!

Tying halterneck top

Halterneck top

1. Tie top around neck

Start by turning your top upside down and tying it around your neck.

Tucking halterneck top

2. Tuck neck under

If you’re working with a high-neck top, tuck the neck under.

Tying halterneck top

3. Tie arms behind back

Finish off by tying the arms of the top behind your back.

Halterneck top

Here is the finished halterneck top, and it is so cute!

Asymmetrical top

DIYing asymmetrical top

1. Place one sleeve over shoulder

Take your top and place one of the sleeves over your shoulder.

DIYing asymmetrical top

2. Tie sleeves behind back

Tie the two sleeves together behind your back like so.

DIYing asymmetrical top

3. Tuck neck under

Tuck the neck under the top so that it's concealed.

Asymmetrical top

Here is the finished asymmetrical top.

I love how it goes over one of my shoulders but not the other one, and I also really like the v-shape that it creates at the bottom.


DIYing off-shoulder top

1. Tie top around body

Start by turning your top upside down and tying it around your body. Tuck the neck under at the bottom.

DIYing off-shoulder top

2. Put sleeves on

Next, put your arms through the sleeves.

Off-shoulder top

Here is the finished off-shoulder top, and isn’t it super stylish?

3 unexpected ways to wear your long sleeve

I hope you found this fashion hacks tutorial helpful.

Be sure to give these tops a go for yourself and let me know which of the three looks you like the best in the comments below!

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