9 Easy Tips on How to Always Look Polished

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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Here, I’m going to share with you some top secrets that all stylish women have in common.

We’re going to look at the mindset that they share and the thought process behind the way they get dressed.

If you want to know how to look polished, keep on reading.

How to look polished

1. Put practicality first

All of the stylish women I know will never wear something uncomfortable in the name of fashion.

There is absolutely nothing worse than someone walking in high heels in an awkward manner.

Stylish women also won't wear something too tight or too revealing - comfortable dressing is key to looking elegant.

How to look polished

2. Don’t have a capsule wardrobe

Stylish women don’t believe in capsule wardrobes. That might sound controversial because there are so many advocates for capsule wardrobes out there.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing that mixes and matches pieces of clothing together that are in neutral colors and classic styles, but being creative, stylish women love prints, patterns, color, and all the elements of style.

A capsule wardrobe can be too limiting for that and not allow a woman to fully express herself through her clothing.

How to look polished

3. Highlight personality

The third thing about stylish women is that they value highlighting their personality through their clothing.

They almost have an aversion to looking like somebody else, which is why they normally don't wear trends.

If they ever do, they give it their own spin, or alternatively, they set the trend themselves.

How to look polished

In this look, I tried to copy the outfit above, but it feels off and a bit like “who wore it better.” This is because it doesn’t really express who I am.

How to look polished

Here, I took the inspiration and put my own spin on it, and it feels more authentic to who I am.


4. Shop in vintage stores

Stylish women often buy their clothes in vintage stores, not just because of sustainability but because of the exclusivity and the quality it gives.

Obviously, they don't want to look like everybody else, and when you buy vintage pieces, you know you're going to be unique.

5. Follow the law of opposites

Stylish women bring the opposite vibes within the same outfit to both express their creativity and also to expand their horizons.

For me, this is the fastest way to get yourself out of your style rut.

When you feel that your outfit is off, perhaps it's not a question of giving the whole outfit an overhaul but just adding an item that will flip the outfit on its head.

How to look polished

Sometimes, you fall into the trap of getting into a comfort zone and styling pieces the same way over and over again.

For example, when wearing sweatpants, we tend to pair them with a T-shirt that's sporty or casual. 

How to look polished

So, think of the opposite vibe. The opposite of casual is refined, so instead of sneakers, try a pair of high heels.

How to look polished

6. Mix designer pieces with high-street styles

Nobody wants to be wearing designer from head to toe.

Stylish women spend the most money on blazers, bags, shoes, and accessories because those things really elevate your style.

However, there's no need to break the bank on t-shirts and jeans and things like that.

How to look polished

7. Take risks

Stylish women are creative in the way they wear their clothes.

They love wearing them in different ways - perhaps a shirt that they wear back to front.

How to look polished

Or they might tie the hem of their pants.

How to look polished

They can wear a maxi skirt as a dress, and why not belt it?

How to look polished

They will also make bold fashion choices to give an extra oomph to their outfit.

No risk means no gain - if you don't take risks, then your style doesn't evolve.

How to look polished

9. Invest in cute flats

The last point is that investing in everyday luxurious flats is a no-brainer.

How to look polished 

It's very easy when getting dressed to fall into the trap of putting on something uninspiring, or dressing like everyone else, but I hope this style guide will serve to remind you to let your personality shine.

All stylish women are memorable in their own way and I encourage you to join the ranks and become one of them.

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  • Faith Faith on Mar 07, 2024

    Good word for the day!...my theory is that if you can walk past people and someone doesn't turn around to take a second look @ you then you aren't really dressed!!!!!