How to Look Put Together & Polished: 20 Essential Styling Tips

I’m going to give you 20 style tips for how to always look put together and polished. If you follow these principles when getting dressed in the morning, I guarantee it will make the whole job of putting together a stylish outfit a whole lot easier. Let’s jump on in!

Simple outfit to look put together

1. Keep it simple

Less is more. You are making your job so much harder if you’re wearing quite complicated outfits.

By that, I mean lots of different elements, making a very busy outfit. Only bring one statement piece into the mix and try not to over-accessorize. 

How to look polished

2. Re-edit regularly

Edit, edit, and re-edit regularly. I declutter and reorganize my wardrobe a lot.

Through the twists and turns of life, our style evolves, so it’s time to take a good hard look at your wardrobe and donate those pieces that you just don’t wear anymore. 

How to look put together and polished

3. Be realistic

Don’t forget to be realistic about your own lifestyle and think about where you’ll be wearing your clothes, and then you can tick those boxes accordingly.

Developing a uniform, such as blazers and jeans

4. Develop your own uniform

You might notice that you reach for blazers every other day, and if you’re anything like me, you pair them with a white t-shirt or blouse, a pair of jeans, or maybe some smart trousers.

That’s often my default look, so I know I can feel safe buying pieces like that in the highest quality I can afford.

How to look polished and sophisticated

5. Repeat outfits

Don’t be afraid to wear your clothes on repeat. Instead, perfect what your ideal uniform is - the look that suits your lifestyle and makes you feel stylish when you wear it. Then, style it in every combination you can think of.

Investing in quality outerwear

6. Outerwear

Whatever uniform you decide is right for you, investing in high-quality outerwear is never a bad idea.

When it comes to looking chic, a great coat can do the heavy lifting for you. It can quite literally transform a whole look, instantly pulling even the most casual of outfits together.  

How to be polished woman

7. Elevated basics

I try to look at the basics of my wardrobe as the core pillar; ensuring that they are timeless in design makes styling the rest of my outfit so much easier.

Timeless pieces never go out of fashion

8. Timeless pieces

Every woman wants to get longevity out of her wardrobe, so even if you follow the trends, I try to introduce the ones with a timeless quality.

Adding an element of tailoring to the look

9. Tailored

I always try to mix up my outfits no matter how casual they might be to have some element of tailoring in the look.

For example, I might want to wear my joggers and trainers, and then I will add in a tailored coat just to give it that extra polish. Or I’ll pair a big chunky knit with trousers like this. That contrast of high and low always works wonders.

Balance you silhouette and body shape

10. Balance your silhouette

Know your shape and make the best of what you have instead of worrying about what you don’t.

Here, I’ve added a puff shoulder to balance out my hips, accentuate my waist and give me more of an hourglass shape. Start with your best bit and balance out your silhouette from there.

Taking care of the clothes in your wardrobe

11. Take care of your clothes

Treat your clothes with the care and attention they deserve, and they will repay you in polish and endurance. I iron and hang up everything. I also handwash most of my knits and make sure to dry them flat.

How to look groomed and polished

12. Wear what you like

Not just what’s in fashion. I would advise investing in a trend only if it really suits you. Not all trends will suit everyone.

Wonder Woman stance

13. Power pose

Focusing on your stance, rolling your shoulders back, holding your head up high, and taking some slow deep breaths can work wonders to your overall look, but obviously how you feel as well.

14. Make a list

Write a list of everything you need. I tend to do this during the decluttering and organizing of my wardrobe. I see what I already have that will tick those boxes, and whatever is missing gets put on a list for if and when I find the perfect piece.

15. Take care of your hair and skin

A bit like taking care of your clothes, taking care of your hair, skin, and nails is important in making you stay polished. These things will make you stand a little bit taller and make you feel more refreshed both inside and out. 

Tucking hair into a sweater

16. Do the hair tuck

Leaving your hair tucked into your sweater can give you instant fashionista points.

Monochrome outfits always look put together

17. Monochrome

Going monochrome in your outfit with one column of color will instantly make you look more elevated. 

18. Make sure your clothes fit

I have a soft spot for the oversized trend. However, when I don’t want something to look too slouchy, I always make sure I find the size that fits me really well. I want the perfect fit on my waist and my hips, and I know that my outfit will thank me for it later.

19. Get re-fitted for a bra

It’s worth getting measured by specialists at least once a year. Our shapes change with time, you could easily go up or down a cup size in a year. Get that base layer sitting perfectly, and you’ll find that everything else drapes over the top so much better than before.

How to look put together

20. Sunglasses

Don’t forget that fault-proof measure of adding your sunnies. If it’s ok for Anna Wintour, it’s definitely ok for me, and the older I get, the more I like this style tip for the bonus of hiding my eyes when they look tired.

How to look put together and polished

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this lookbook and reading about my top 20 style tips to always look put together and polished. I use these tips to guide me when I’m putting an outfit together and they never let me down!

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