How to Keep Eye Glasses Crystal Clean.

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Hello upstyle.

Hope all you kind people are safe and


Today's project is a simple one.

Keeping our eye glasses clean without buying the eye glasses cleaning wipes

So here's my version.

Stick with me if you want crystal clear glasses.

Below are my dirty eye glasses

Best isopropyl alcohol!

Make your own glasses cleaning wipes with this 99% pure isopropyl alcohol that Amazon reviewers swear by!

My secret ingredient is isopropyl alcohol.

It's what is used in the pads. I buy.

So I will try to create this.

Below is a little container I reuse.

A toilet roll. Thick toilet roll works well.

Roll some of the tube around your finger like below

Fit it inside the little container

Cut of the tissue at the top of the container.

Take it out

Now use a teaspoon of isopropyl alcohol and put into the container

Add the tissue to the container

Like so. t

Find he middle of the tissue and give a little pull.

This is where you will get your wipe from.

Place the lid back on

Turn it upside down

Letting the isopropyl soak through out the tissue

Let's try

Below I get a wipe and try it out

Look how clean these look

I'm surprised and never buying wipes again.

A must try

Easy DIY Eye glasses cleaner

A must try if you have some isopropyl alcohol.

And if you buy the wipes this will save money.

Thanks for reading


Suggested materials:
  • Isopropyl alcohol   (Amazon)
  • Toilet paper   (Asda)

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  • Jeanne dubow Jeanne dubow on Apr 08, 2024

    I got my Prescription glasses at Costco and both pairs darken in sun.I just called to ask them if can use Isopropyl alcohol on the lenses. Was told it will negatively impact them. All places that sell eye glasses like Costco, Walmart et al will give you or sell you cloth cleaners for a few bucks. Prescription eyeglasses are too expense to use a not recommended by an Optometrist cleaning method.

    • Interesting. To read Jeanne.

      In England we buy wipes they have isopropyl alcohol in the wipes.

      And tissue like traceing paper thats very hard.

      But up on reading your comment.

      I can't disagree with what you say.

      The wipes I talk of are 500 for £1.

      I have been using this trick when I quickly need to clean them.

      But this project.

      I don't think it's a good one.

      I don't want ppl wasting money on there glasses. That's not my intentions

      Thank you kindly

  • Harriet Bronson Harriet Bronson on Apr 08, 2024

    I'm interested in Genie's question. Glasses are too expensive to risk using anything not guaranteed by a lens manufacturer.