MAGICAL Hack for Pandora Bracelets

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5 Minutes

Hello everyone!

Season greetings to you all.

Jewellery can be one of the most sentimental things we have! Even more so if it was a gift from a love one.

Pandora is notorious for being the ultimate place to shop for birthdays anniversaries and Christmas. With there signature charms.

That's why we cherish them.

As the years pass they will become very dull an dirty.

This post is a magical simple way, In how to clean those special pandora bracelets and charms you may own.

I will show you how to clean your pandora bracelet with only one magical ingredient.

This is tried & tested by me and the results are amazing.

My local pandora shop charges to clean, if the bracelet is over two years old.🤔

So I saved money using this hack

It will work for you to!

Below is my pandora bracelet & charms looking very dull and dirty

Lets get this clean AGAIN!

My magic ingredient bicarbonate soda 😀

1=use one metal tin

2.=Tin foil

3 =warm water

4= 1 big tbs bicarbonate soda

I start by lining the bowl with foil like below

Drop your pandora bracelet in the bowl

Add I heaped tbs of bicarbonate soda

Covering the bracelet

Pop it in the bowl with the bracelet

Add warm water slowly as it will fizz up.

cover the bracelet with water and leave to soak

like below


Leaving for 5 mins

I came back to see the water looking like below.

Bits were floating in the water, the colour had changed looking very yellow

I shake the bowl

Each time I do this it makes more dirt appear.

The colour gets more dirtier

like below.

So it's been soaking for 5 mins.

& The smell is awfull🤭

I let the water drain from the bowl

Drain out the dirty water

NOW wrap the bracelet in the remaining tin foil

Like below

Give it a rub,

The aluminium foil works well cleaning sliver removing tarnish and all dirt

Unwrap the foil after your happy all the bracelet and charms as touched the foil.

Rince with warm water,

And buff with a clean dry cloth

And here is the final result.

Very shiny indeed!.

No more yellow looking pandora bracelet.

It is 6 year old but looks brand new 😄

I'm very happy to be able to clean this without any cost, just five mins and bicarbonate soda will make your pandora bracelet shine like new.

I will wear this once again with pride, and maybe I will get some new charms for Christmas,

Thank you for reading this

Hope you try this


Suggested materials:
  • Pandora bracelet   (Pandora shop)
  • Bicarbonate soda   (Asda)

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