Bra Hack Perfect for Half Shoulder Tops

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
2 Materials
2 Minutes

Looking for some useful bra hacks? I found the perfect solution for wearing a bra with an asymmetrical, one-shoulder strap top.

This is the perfect trick to get the support you need without any messy bra straps.

Tools and materials:

  • Asymmetrical shirt
  • Adjustable bra
Twisting bra

1. Do the twist

Put your bra on over your shirt so you can see where the straps need to rest.

Take the straps down and twist the back to the front so you can see what you’re doing.

Crossing over

2. Cross over

Unhook the strap on the side you need to conceal. Then bring the strap over to the bottom of the other strap and reattach the clasp to that strap.

Now both straps will go over the same shoulder.

Bra hack

3. The final results

Take off your bra and your shirt. Now put your newly remodelled bra on first and pull your one-strap shirt over the bra.

The final result leaves you with a perfectly concealed bra under your stylish asymmetrical shirt.

Bra hack

Bra hack

I was so relieved when I found this hack. I love the look of a one-strap top or dress and this trick is the perfect solution for someone like me, who can’t go braless.

What do you think? Try it with your favorite asymmetrical top. 

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Suggested materials:
  • Asymmetrical shirt
  • Adjustable bra

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