How to Make a One-Shoulder Dress Out of Fabric (Easy No-Sew Tutorial)

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Can you believe this dress was made using no sewing and no glue? In this easy tutorial on how to make a one-shoulder dress out of fabric, I'll show you a quick guide to creating the mono strap dress pattern, as well as how to wear the finished one-shoulder mini dress.

It's important that you used self-finished fabric to make this one-shoulder cocktail dress. Self-finished fabric will not fray after you cut it. I used a soft lycra fabric that stretches in all directions to make my no-sew one-shoulder dress.

Tools and materials:

  • Self-finished fabric, 60 inches wide or more
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
Making the mono strap dress pattern

1. Measure the fabric

Use whatever length of fabric you need for the length of the finished mono strap dress you want. Fold your fabric widthwise in half twice and measure the folded width.

Measure the front of your bust to make sure your fabric will be wide enough to fit around you. This is a body-contouring dress, so it doesn’t have to have extra width.

Measuring the arm hole

2. Make the armhole

Open your fabric back up and with right-side in, fold it widthwise again, just once. Measuring from the top right open corner, measure and mark 2 inches from the top, along the edge.

Then, measure and mark at 5 inches below the 2-inch mark. Join those two marks together with a straight line.

Cutting the arm hole to size

Now, from the mid-point of that line, measure and mark 2.5 inches out on both sides of the line. Draw curved lines to join the marks together on both sides of the first line. That will mark your armhole.

Hold both layers of fabric together and cut out the oval shape you just drew. When you’re done cutting, check the armhole measurement for accuracy. It should start 2 inches below the top of the fabric, be 5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. Got it? Great!

Cutting the one-shoulder dress pattern

The last thing to do is cut the top-right corner of the fabric to make a rounded edge.

How to wear the one-shoulder mini dress

3. Wrap the dress

Now you need to know how to wear your DIY mono strap dress! With the wrong side of the fabric against your body and at your back, and the armholes at the top, put your left arm through the left armhole.

Wrapping the one-shoulder cocktail dress

Then, take the rest of the fabric and wrap it around your body twice, going from front to back.

No-sew one-shoulder dress

When you come back to the front after the second wrap, put your left arm through the second armhole.

How to make a one-shoulder dress tutorial

How to make a one-shoulder dress out of fabric

Can you believe how simple it was to make this gorgeous one-shoulder mini dress? You can wear this dress to a party or anywhere you want to stand out! Please let me know in the comments what you think!

Suggested materials:
  • Self-finished fabric, 60 inches wide or more
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
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