Easy Hack for Straps That Are Too Long

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Do you have a favorite piece of clothing, but the shoulder straps slip off your shoulders because they are just a bit too long?

Watch this easy, no-sew hack to shorten your shoulder straps, and be comfortable wearing that spaghetti-strap dress once more!

Tools and materials:

  • Safety pins
Slipping dress strap

Stop the slipping

Is this the problem you’re dealing with? It can be really annoying and embarrassing.

Who wants to be fiddling with their shoulder straps all day?

Folding straps

To solve the problem, fold the straps down to the inside of your dress at the back of the dress.

Folding straps

Then, fold the strap back up leaving the length you want to shorten the straps by on the inside of your dress.

Adding safety pin

Secure the excess strap length to the back of your dress with a safety pin, keeping the pin from showing on the outside.

Adding safety pin

Repeat with the other strap.

Easy hack for straps that are too long

Easy hack for straps that are too long

Now you can wear your dress again without worrying about the straps slipping off your shoulders!

Leave a comment to let me know if you try this strap-shortening hack and how you liked it.

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Suggested materials:
  • Safety pins

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