8 Quick, Easy & Money-Saving Bra Hacks For All Your Bra Strap Needs

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If you ever experience any annoyances or discomfort with your bra, we’re going to solve all of those problems right here, right now. In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you some money-saving bra-hacks that are very quick and easy to do. Let’s get started!

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Tools and materials:

  • Extra bra hooks
  • Transparent straps
  • U-pin or safety pin
  • Bra extension
  • Band-aid
  • Double-sided tape
Tucking a t-shirt into jeans

1. Bra tuck

If you tuck your t-shirt inside your pants, you can end up with a bit of a bulge, especially if the pants are tight-fitting, and we obviously don’t want this.

Tucking a t-shirt inside the bra

Instead of tucking your t-shirt inside your pants, you can tuck it inside your bra, which won't give you that bulge, and it will also give you a nice cropped look which I really like.

Adding an extra bra hook to your bra

2. Extra bra hook

If you have a bra where the cup size fits you but it is too small around your back, and you need some extra length to it, then buying some extra hooks might help you. All you need to do is hook the extra section onto your bra hooks, and voilà! 

Bra strap hacks

You have now extended the length of your bra and don’t need to invest in a new one.

Adding transparent straps to a bra

3. Transparent straps

If you are wearing an off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder top or dress, transparent straps for your bra are a real must-have. Instead of buying a new bra, you can simply take one that you already have, remove the straps and insert some transparent ones on instead.

Bra hacks for off-shoulder tops

The transparent straps look very subtle and are great for tops like these.

How to make a razor-back bra

4. U-pin

When wearing a tank top like this, the bra straps are always seen. 

Using a safety pin or u-pin to tie straps

The solution to this is to just use your u-pin or safety pin to join the straps together just like this.

Bra straps hidden

Now your bra is no longer visible.

How to make a bra halter neck

5. Halter neck bra

You can create a halter neck bra with the regular bra that you currently have. To do this, simply remove one strap and elongate the length of the other strap.

DIY halter neck bra

Then take it over your head and attach it to the other side.

Lower back bra

6. Lower back bra

If you are wearing a backless top and don’t want your bra to be seen, get yourself a bra extension and attach it to your bra hooks.

Adding bra extensions to a bra

Then bring it round to the front and hook it.

How to use bra extensions

Now the bra is lower around your back, and you can wear a top with a lower back without having to worry about your bra showing.

Adding band-aids to prevent itchy straps

7. Itchy straps

If you experience the straps of your bra itching you, to get rid of this itchiness, you just need to take a band-aid and apply one onto each strap

How to close a shirt opening

8. Shirt opening

This last issue is one that many of us experience which is your bra showing through the gaps of a button-up shirt. 

Using double-sided tape to keep a shirt closed

To get rid of this problem, just take one piece of double-sided tape and stick it onto your shirt placket between the buttons.

Quick & easy bra hacks

No more unwanted revelations!

Quick & easy bra hacks

There we have eight quick and easy money-saving bra hacks; I hope that you’ve found them helpful and they’ve taught you something new. Try applying these hacks, and I guarantee that they will make your life that little bit more stress-free. 

Suggested materials:
  • Extra bra hooks
  • Transparent straps
  • U-pin
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  • Pamela Pamela on May 31, 2022

    Great tutorial on bra’s learned a lot of cool stuff I tried the safety pin hack and it’s cool and the low back out one also keep showing hacks I love it..


  • Cheryl Pierce Cheryl Pierce on Nov 30, 2023

    Can you work on one more project? I have a problem with buying blouses and the neckline is two large making my bra strap visible. Or the neckline falls to one side and here comes the strap. I have used the silicon guides on the strap, I have taken the blouses to the seamstress and have just tried pinning blouse to bra, but that is so time consuming. Any ideas or help will be appreciated. Thank you for your efforts. Hope someone has an idea!