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Claudya Moreira
by Claudya Moreira
3 Materials
5 Minutes

You can make a gorgeous, kimono-esque piece with a large silk scarf in just a few steps.

Follow along with this quick tutorial to create an effortlessly chic, no-sew kimono with me!

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Tools and materials: 

  • Bandeau
  • Large silk scarf
  • Belt
Folding scarf

1. Fold twice and tie

Fold your large rectangle in half vertically.

Halve it again.

Folding scarf

Then tie a small knot at the open end.

Tying scarf

2. Open and wear

Open the scarf to reveal 2 armholes.

Opening scarf

Put your arms through the holes so that the correct side of the scarf shows on the outside. 

Putting scarf on

Straighten out the front and add a belt at your waist that compliments the scarf colors.

How beautiful is this DIY silk scarf kimono top!?

DIY silk scarf kimono top

This scarf kimono is a great way to get a fabulous, new top just by using what you have in your closet. 

DIY silk scarf kimono top

The back is equally as gorgeous, with this cut-out effect on the shoulder blades:

DIY silk scarf kimono top

DIY silk scarf kimono top

If you try out this DIY no-sew kimono top, let me know how it turns out in the comments.

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Suggested materials:
  • Bandeau
  • Large silk scarf
  • Belt

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