Why Women Are Wearing 2 Underwear This Season

Wearing tights or pantyhose under a skirt/dress can take your outfit to the NEXT level. Not only does doing this help keep you warmer in the cold weather, but it is also another accessory you can play with. Whether it’s different color tights or a pair of pantyhose with a unique pattern, wearing the under layer is definitely going to make a statement.

Before you go out and find cute tights to wear under your skirt this fall I have to warn you about the downside… sometimes your tights start to slip and if they go too low you can see them slide down under your skirt YIKES! You definitely don’t want this to happen to you!!! That’s why I’m sharing this secret which will stop that from ever happening, all you need is an extra pair of underwear.

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The hack is the most simple of them all. Get dressed like you normally would… underwear then tights then skirt on top EXCEPT this time put a pair of underwear beneath AND on top of your tights.

So the order should go:

Underwear - tights - underwear - skirt

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  • Lalee Lalee on May 21, 2024

    Ditto syntha..I did the same thing back in the Day..To just wear panty hose alone was nasty feeling..we wore mini skirts and panty hose only was ugly..I had fancy boy shorts type with lace if not panties over PH..looked cute if u bent over to far..

  • Angel Baker Angel Baker on May 26, 2024

    I can't believe I'm adding this but I did that. I'm a guy & my female best friend broke up with her boyfriend. I club was having a Halloween costume contest & she talked me into going. Thank goodness she was petite & her tube top & skirt wouldn't fit me. My mom took her into mom's closet & they found a dress. My friend bought heels from a thrift store & came in, tossed them over & said," start practicing! ". She bought a blond wig & they picked one of mom's dresses. She also bought a long blonde curly wig & pantyhose. They had the seam down the back & she told me that guys love that so I said," We do? ". I was wearing my regular underwear & the pantyhose were to big so I grabbed a second pair & put'em on over top to hold them up. That was in 1992, I was about 23 & figured it out by myself. It ended up being funny. Drunk guys were asking me to dance & I was trying to make my voice deeper & said," Sorry, I'm a guy. ". There were Asian businesses men watching everyone & seemed fascinated with all the costumes. One barely spoke English & asked me to dance. I said I was a guy & he seemed surprised & confused. A woman finally came over & said," You're a guy aren't you? Would you like to dance? ". I even saw a woman I worked with & she didn't recognize me. I said hello & used her name & she shot me a look & then I told her it was me & she laughed. There were three prizes & I won third place. I was surprised at how much guys can drive women crazy. Just in the parking lot going from the car to the door of the club I had multiple guys hit on me. My friend wanted it to be a yearly thing but I said that letting her pick a costume for me was just a one time thing.