How to Make a No-Sew DIY Crossbody Bag Out of Dollar Tree Potholders

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a DIY crossbody bag from four potholders that I got from the Dollar Tree. It’s so simple, super cheap, and there’s no sewing involved!

Let’s get started.

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Tools and materials:

  • Four potholders
  • Hot glue
  • Beaded fringe
  • Cord
  • Ribbon
  • Chain 
  • Scissors
Gluing potholders together

1. Glue the potholders together

Overlay two potholders and glue the corners together on both sides. One of the loops should be facing out, and the other should be facing up and will be hidden.

How to make a crossbody bag out of potholders

Then, repeat on two more potholders. You should now have two glued potholders.

DIY crossbody bag tutorial

Now stack your potholders so that the loops on both potholders are on the outside, and glue them together along the sides and the bottom.

As you glue, make sure you’re pressing down firmly on all sides to give your bag the best hold.

Adding beaded fringe to the DIY crossbody bag

2. Add the beaded fringe

Now we’re going to add these fun beaded fringe details. Lay the beaded fringe over where you want them before gluing so you can spread them out perfectly.

I’m setting them one after the other with about an inch of space in between. 

Gluing the beaded fringe

Once you’re satisfied with the position, glue them down. 

Rolling the edges of the fringe

If the edges stick out, I like to roll them up underneath themselves and glue down for a cleaner, curved look. If necessary, I’ll snip off the ends. 

Adding a cord for the bag strap

3. Add the cord

For the strap, I’m going to use this twisted piece of cord I have here. Thread it around the loop on one side. 

Gluing the ends of the cord

Instead of tying it off, use some glue to attach the cord to itself for a stronger hold. 

Adding ribbon to the cord ends

I decided to add some ribbon and tie it around where the cord meets for a more finished look.  

Adding a chain to the DIY crossbody bag

4. Add the chain 

Next, attach a chain to the roped cord exactly the same way you attached the cord to the loop. Thread it through, glue, and then hide the connected ends with ribbon. 

How to make a no-sew crossbody bag

5. Repeat on the other side

Repeat steps three and four to add the cord and chain to the other side of the bag. 

DIY crossbody bag

DIY crossbody bag tutorial

Here’s the finished product! If you liked this DIY crossbody bag tutorial, check out my other potholder tutorials and let me know what you think. Thanks for joining.

Suggested materials:
  • Four potholders
  • Hot glue
  • Cord
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