How to Wear Your Boyfriend's Clothes: 4 Men's Items Made New Again

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Ok, this tutorial is sponsored by… my boyfriend! He recently gave me a few of his old items, and I decided to transform them and make them trendy again.

So, if you want to know how to wear your boyfriend's clothes but look stylish, then this tutorial is for you. From minor modifications to making a cool DIY pleated jeans skirt, you’ll love these cool boyfriend clothes sewing tips.

Tools and materials:

  • Jeans
  • Sweater
  • Vest
  • Cardigan
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching threads
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Matching button
  • Snap buttons
Boyfriend's sweater before the thrift flip

Boyfriend's sweater

How to modify your boyfriend's sweater

This is a very easy flip on my boyfriend’s clothes. I basically cropped it at my desired length. 

Marking and pinning the sweater

1. Crop the sweater

Mark your length and pin the sweater all across, between the two layers. Make sure the line is straight. 

Cropping along the pinned lines

Cut along the pinned lines but add a little more for seam allowance. 

Hemming the bottom of the sweater

2. Hem

Hem the bottom for a clean finish!

Using the excess fabric to make a headband

3. Use the excess fabric

I used a panel of the leftover fabric to make a cute matching headband, too. 

Cropped boyfriend sweater

I love how this thrift flip came out. It’s cozy and casual and can match with just about any style of pants. 

Boyfriend's cardigan before the thrift flip

Boyfriend's cardigan

This cardigan was pretty big and shapeless. So, I decided to give it a little magical transformation. 

Cropping the cardigan

1. Crop the cardigan

First, I cropped the cardigan in the same way as before. 

Taking in the sleeves and side seams

2. Modify the sleeves

Next, the sleeve area was way too big for me, so I downsized it. While wearing the cardigan, I pinched the excess fabric and pinned it all across the sleeve and side seams. 

Sewing the new sleeves and side seams

Then, I sewed along these pins and cut off the excess fabric. 

Adding an extra button to the cardigan

3. Add an extra button

I also sewed an extra button on top. 

DIY boyfriend's cardigan

I love the result! It goes so well with my thrifted pleated skirt and gives this whole look a school-girl kind of vibe. 

Boyfriend's vest before alterations

Boyfriend's vest

I really love this clothing item, and I didn’t want to alter it. It was pretty big at the armholes, so I went ahead and adjusted it. 

Pinning the armholes on the vest

1. Take in the armholes

Turn the sweater inside out and sew the excess armpit area. I sewed mine by around 4 inches on each side, exactly where the pins are placed. 

DIY altered sweater vest

What do you think of this awesome style? I can finally recreate those trendy sweater vest outfits I’ve been seeing on Instagram. 

Boyfriend's jeans before the thrift flip

Boyfriend's jeans

My boyfriend’s pants were kind of low rise for me, so I decided to use the fabric to make a cool duo color DIY pleated jean skirt. I also used another pair of unused jeans for this project.

Cutting off the legs of the jeans

1. Cutting the jeans

Start by cutting off the legs and seam ripping the sides. 

Tip: The seam ripping took too long, so you can simply cut the sides with scissors.

Sewing the denim panels together

2. Sew the denim pieces together

You should now have four pieces of fabric to work with. Go ahead and connect each piece to make one long piece of fabric. 

Creating pleats in the fabric

3. Pleat the fabric

Now it’s time for the pleating. Make your pleats 1.5 inches apart and put a pin as a marking. 

How to make pleats

Starting from one end of the fabric, fold the third pin onto the first and repin in place. 

Making a DIY pleated jean skirt

Also, pleat the middle section to really hold the pleat in place. Repeat the process all along the top edge. 

Sewing across the pleats

Once you’re done, sew a line straight across the top. 

Sewing 5 inches down on each pleat

Then, sew 5 inches down with each pleat to make the denim fabric lay nice and flat. 

Making a frayed hem

4. Distress the hem

Also, if you want an edgier frayed look, trim the bottom. 

Pinning the waistband

5. Make the waistband

For the waistband, cut more strips from your excess denim, and pin each piece to its respective color, right sides facing. Then, sew a line straight across to secure. 

Flipping and sewing the waistband

Flip the waistband to the wrong side of the DIY pleated jean skirt and sew a line across to secure.

Hand-sewing the waistband to the skirt

I actually preferred to hand-stitch this part as I wanted an invisible stitch. The choice is yours! 

Attaching button clasps to the skirt

Now, place six snap buttons on one edge of the skirt, with the corresponding sides where the skirt will finish when you wrap it around your waist.

Button clasps on the DIY pleated jean skirt

I used six because denim is a heavy fabric and needs support.

How to wear your boyfriend's clothes

The skirt is now complete and this is how it looks. What do you think of this fun and fantastic two-toned DIY pleated jean skirt? It was so much fun to make, and the result surpassed my expectations.  

How to wear your boyfriend's clothes

There you have it, some fun and creative ways to wear your boyfriend’s clothes, with a little amending of course.

As you can see, stealing your boyfriend’s clothes has its perks. Thanks for joining me, and please let me know which piece you liked the most! 

Suggested materials:
  • Jeans
  • Sweater
  • Vest
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