How to Make Cute Patchwork Jeans Out of Old Fabric Scraps

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This is going to be a fun DIY! I’m going to show you how to make patchwork jeans with a bunch of scraps you have lying around.

I went to my son’s studio and found all these leftover fabric bits. So, grab your plain jeans, and let’s transform them into hip and cool DIY patchwork jeans!

Tools and materials:

  • Old pair of jeans
  • Various fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
Fabric scraps

Jeans before the patchwork DIY

Cutting scraps to size

1. Cut your scraps

Cut your scraps into squares, rectangles, or any shape you want, really. Also, if you don’t have a scrap box, you can use an old skirt or any other clothing item you won’t be needing. 

Gluing the patches to the jeans with fabric glue

2. Glue on the scraps

This jeans makeover is going to be pretty easy for you as you won’t have to sew anything! Using fabric glue is the secret here.

So, grab your fabric glue and put the glue on the backside of your cut piece. You don’t need to fill the whole space completely; you just want to get the glue on the edges and through the center. 

Add patchworks designs to the jeans

Then, flip it over and position it where you want it. Pat it and rub it a little to make a secure bond between the two fabrics. 

Old jeans makeover

Keep repeating the same process; cutting and gluing pieces of different sizes, shapes, and prints. Think of it as an abstract painting that you’re creating. 

Making cute patchwork jeans

I decided to glue a floral pattern on one of the knees. I’m not doing two knees as it will look too “matchy matchy”. 

Using fabric scraps to make patchwork jeans

Also, I’m using a piece that is kind of torn on one side- I think it looks really cool. 

Jeans makeover

So, add the pieces as you go and play around with them, too. I also suggest not covering your whole pair of jeans but gluing the scraps in a few different, random areas.

You want it to look like you went to a retail store and bought a pair of hip, patchwork jeans! 

Adding patches to the pockets

Also, add a little piece into one of the pockets. 

Adding a patch to the back pocket

Then, flip the jeans over and add a piece to one of your back pockets. Here, I went for a quilted design. You don’t have to have it perfectly fit on the pocket. 

Customizing old jeans

Also, feel free to mess around with different textures on your DIY patchwork jeans. You can even use fluffy ribbon or yarn. 

Back of the DIY patchwork jeans

How to make patchwork jeans

How to make patchwork jeans

There you go, here’s the finished pair of patchwork jeans! That couldn’t have been an easier DIY, right? I love how organic they are; the mixes f textures, colors, and patterns make them unique.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make patchwork jeans! Have fun and happy patching. 

Suggested materials:
  • Old pair of jeans
  • Various fabric scraps
  • Scissors
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