How to Make a Cute DIY Wrist Wallet Out of Old Jeans

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Are you tired of losing your wallet? Maybe you want to travel without having to carry a purse around with you all day. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a DIY wrist wallet from a pair of old jeans so you only have to carry your daily essentials around your wrist. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Old jeans
  • Super or hot glue
  • Velcro
  • Zipper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabric chalk
Cutting out the pattern for the wrist wallet

1. Measure and cut 

Lay out your jean fabric and measure out two rectangles with a ruler and fabric chalk. The sides should be approximately 5 inches, the top 10.5 inches, and the bottom 12 inches. Then, cut out the two pieces. 

Folding the fabric

2. Fold the edges

Flip your fabric over. Then, fold the top side down by ½ inch. Do this to both fabrics. If necessary, iron the fold down so it stays in place.

Gluing the the folds down

3. Glue

Using a glue gun or super glue, glue the folds down to the fabric. Set those aside for now. 

How to make a DIY wrist wallet

4. Fold the zipper edges

Now, onto our zipper. Start by taking two small pieces of jean fabric and, similar to the larger pieces, fold the side down ½ inch and super glue.

Applying hot glue to the zipper

5. Glue

Add super glue to both ends of the zipper. 

Make your own wrist wallet

Then, glue the two smaller pieces to each end.

How to make a wrist cuff wallet

6. Attach the fabric to the zipper 

Now, do the same with the bigger pieces. Add glue to the longer side of the zipper and on the two smaller pieces of fabric.

Making a DIY wrist wallet bracelet

Then attach the bigger piece of fabric. Make sure you’re pressing down for the best hold. 

Trimming the edges

7. Clean up edges

Flip over and clean up any messy or uneven edges.

Measuring around the wrist

8. Measure around your wrist

Fold the fabric in two with the zipper at the top and wrap it around your wrist. 

Flipping the fabric

Now, flip the fabric so its right sides facing and pin where it overlapped on your arm. 

Gluing the open edges

9. Glue edges together

Now, glue all of the open edges together, making sure not to surpass the pins.

Trimming the excess

10. Remove pins and clean up edges

Remove the pins and cut off the uneven strip. 

Gauging the placement of the Velcro

11. Attach Velcro

Flip right side out and wrap around your wrist again. This time, pay attention to where it overlaps and decide how tight you want it against your wrist.

Gluing the Velcro to the wrist wallet

With a piece of velcro cut to size, use glue to attach it to the wallet where you want it. 

How to make a DIY wrist wallet

Make sure to do this to both sides. All done! 

DIY wrist wallets

How to use the DIY wrist wallet

You can even decorate them! 

Adding decoration to the DIY wrist wallet

DIY wrist wallet tutorial

These DIY wrist wallet bracelets are so easy to make. They can hold your everyday essentials, including but not limited to your money, keys, and credit cards.

They’re super convenient if you’re going on a walk, to the gym, or just traveling!

You can even make them for your kids so you can send them off to school with the house key or the lunch money without worrying they’ll lose it.

If you like this DIY wrist wallet, let me know how you plan on using it! 

Suggested materials:
  • Old jeans
  • Super or hot glue
  • Velcro
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