Tying, Tucking & Styling a White Button-Down Shirt 6 Different Ways

by Vantoee

In this lookbook, I’m going to be styling a white button-down shirt to give you some fashion inspiration on how you can wear your shirts. There are so many options out there for wearing a shirt, so I love trying out new ways to spice my outfits up a little bit. Let’s jump on in!

Half-tucking a white shirt into jeans

1. Half-tuck

For the first way to style the shirt, I’ve done up some of the buttons, up to about where my belt is, and then I tucked in just one side and left the other side out.

Styling it like this means that I can still flash my belt buckle, and it also highlights my waist, so it gives some shape to my figure.

Wrapping and tucking a shirt into jeans

2. Full-tuck

You can also tuck the shirt in completely. To do this, you need to unbutton the button above the belt, then bring one side of the shirt across to the other side and tuck it in and then bring the other side of the shirt across to the other side as well.

Also, make sure to tuck your shirt in around the back. This way of styling the shirt creates a wrap around the front.

Because my trousers are so high-waisted, it doesn’t really show it completely, but if you’re wearing trousers with a slightly lower waist, you’ll be able to see more clearly this wrap effect.

I think this looks super cute, and it’s also quite a formal-looking option.

How to tie a knot in a shirt

3. Knot

Those were the tucked-in options, and now I’m going to show you some of the tying ones. I’ll start with a basic one that everyone knows. You just do one knot at the bottom of the shirt, and voila, you have a lovely tied top.

4. Double knot

How to double-knot your shirt

You can also tidy this look up a little bit by doing another knot which also makes it more secure. Take one of the tassels, loop it over your hand, then take the other tassel and bring it through the loop. 

How to style a white shirt

So you’re making a tie option that is a little bit cuter than just a knot.

5. Tucked tie

Tidy way to tie a button-down shirt

There is another method of tying, which is my go-to because you don’t have to do double knots, and it’s really secure.

Do up another button because we’re going to go in-between the buttonhole. So take one side of your shirt and poke it through that hole there.

How to wear a white button-down shirt

Then take the other side and go the other way.

Pulling the knot tight

And then just pull it tight.

Cute knotted white shirt

You can see it just makes a really neat knot around your waist, and it’s really secure. I find this holds a lot better than just tying it, so I love this style.

6. Tuck and tuck

Tucking the collar under your shirt

For the last look, you want to have one or two buttons done up, depending on your preference, and we’re going to tuck the collar under.

I am wearing a shirt with mesh detailing at the top, so this would look better with a shirt that is completely opaque because you can see the collar underneath, but I actually kind of like it like this.

Tucking the collar under turns your shirt into a nice v-necked kind of blouse.

Tying the shirt at the back

Then taking the bottom of the shirt, we’re going to go around the back. You can tie it, but I actually like to gather it as a little tail and do a little twist.

You can use a hairband and flip it under, but I just tuck it under my bralette. A hairband or an elastic would be the more secure option though.

How to style a plain white shirt

It looks neat at the back.

Styling a white button-down shirt

And it’s also very stylish at the front. Just make sure you don’t do the tuck at the back too tight; otherwise, the button at the front will be trying to pop open. You still want it to look comfortable and be moveable.

This look is unusual and different, but I really like it!

Styling a white button-down shirt

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for different ways to style a button-up shirt. Yes, a shirt can look great when just worn normally, but there are so many styling options out there to try out as well.

Let me know which one was your favorite look in the comments below!

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