OMG! No More Makeup on Your Phone With This Hack!

In your opinion, what is one of the biggest annoyances of wearing makeup? Mine is 100000% when I talk on the phone and my makeup smears all over my screen. Not only is it sad to see the product I'm wasting away on my iphone but then my phone is dirty and if I put it back in my pocket or purse then the makeup spreads and gets other things dirty.

So what's my solution? Keep scrolling to see.

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Does this happen to you? This is the makeup on the screen I hate!


Use setting spray with alcohol in it! Saturate your beauty blender with the setting spray then gently dab it on your face.

Wait for it to dry then add a SECOND layer.


Use a setting powder and dab it on top of your makeup and do TWO layers

Notice the side with the alcohol setting spray looks a little more dewy

The powder looks a little more matte

Both work and leave no makup behind!

Thanks for reading!!

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  • Ariana Hilario Ariana Hilario on Nov 14, 2022

    I think she may have overdone her makeup for this tutorial because it's caked on!

    I don't usually wear full makeup unless I am attending a special event. If I have a face full of makeup, I use a good setting spray (Wet & Wild matte seeing spray) and my makeup does not smudge on the phone or anything.

  • Jan E Jan E on Nov 14, 2022

    Off topic, but I want to know if you made your top/dress? The flowers are beautiful! And if so, would love a tutorial on how to do this…..thank you.