The Perfect No-sew Accessory to Any Outfit

4 Materials
20 Minutes

Create a statement corset belt that’s the perfect accessory to any outfit.

This DIY is easy and doesn’t involve any sewing, so let’s jump into this easy tutorial!

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Tools and materials:

  • Lace bra top
  • Fabric scissors
  • Gold pendants
  • Fabric glue
Statement corset belt

1. Cut out the cups

Starting with a lace, bra top, use fabric scissors to cut out the cups. What you’re left with is the body of your DIY corset belt.

2. Arrange pendant shapes

Flip the body of the corset belt over, as this will be the new exterior of the accessory.

Arrange some gold pendant shapes along the top until you achieve a pattern that you like. 

Attaching pendants

3. Attach the pendants

Apply fabric glue to the belt and attach the pendants. You can lift them all off at once or work in sections if that’s easier for you. 

Attaching pendants

Also apply glue to the backs of the pendants to make sure they stay in place. 

Attaching pendants

4. Allow it to dry

Let your DIY corset belt dry completely before styling it!

DIY corset belt

Now for the fun part! Try styling your new, DIY corset belt over a stiff top, like a crisp white button down. 

Styling DIY corset belt

Look at the gorgeous detail from the side!

Styling DIY corset belt

DIY corset belt

This DIY embellished corset belt is so easy to create and it looks couture!

Now, if you have any leftover gold pendants, try out this 1 DIY accessory that has endless possibilities!

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Suggested materials:
  • Lace bra top
  • Fabric scissors
  • Gold pendants
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