This DIY Denim Accessory Can Go With Any Outfit

6 Materials
30 Minutes

If you have some old neckties and some denim scraps laying around then you’ll have to try the denim tie DIY.

You will end up with a denim accessory that can go with any outfit!

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Tools and materials:

  • Tie for a template
  • Scrap denim
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Thick necklace chain
Making tie pattern

1. Make your tie pattern

Start by laying an old tie down on top of your scrap denim.

You only need the portion of the tie that normally hangs down, not the part that goes around the neck.

Wrapping tie

2. Wrap your tie

Simply wrap the denim fabric around your old tie, and use a few sewing pins to hold it in place.

Wrapping tie

Sew along all the edges of the denim tie.

Wrapping tie

Fold over the top of the tie and sew it down, leaving a loop at the top of the tie.

Shaping tie

4. Shape the tie

Sew a small band from excess scrap denim. Wrap the band around the top of the tie below the loop to create the appearance of a knotted tie.

Shaping tie

Sew the ends of the band together.


Completing denim tie accessory

5. Complete your denim tie accessory

Now, pick out a favorite thick chain and put it through the loop at the top of your tie.

DIY denim tie accessory

Now you have a sort of denim tie necklace!

DIY denim tie accessory

DIY denim tie accessory

Once the chain is hidden by your shirt collar, it just looks like a tie. 

And look how great this pairs with jeans and a denim jacket! 

Give this denim tie DIY a try, and leave a comment to let me know how you liked it.

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Suggested materials:
  • Tie for a template
  • Scrap denim
  • Sewing pins
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