Back to Basics: How to Style a T-Shirt

by Jenn

As your self proclaimed style guide for doing a lot with a little, I am so excited to share with you guys my ways to style a t-shirt. These are just a couple of my favorite looks for those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear.

Style a t-shirt
Keep it basic 

Not every outfit needs to be over the top. Sometimes, something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt can be a full outfit. Usually, I’ll add a little half-tuck and sleeve folds to give it a little more personality. Don’t worry about being too polished, the messed up feel is what gives it character. 

Styling a t-shirt
Add layers

Taking an outfit to the next level can be as easy as building off the basics. Here, I added a plain blazer and a really fun hat. This barely took me five minutes and I have an entirely new outfit. Same shirt, jeans, and accessories, and still a brand new outfit. 

Style a white t-shirt
Add a flannel

Flannels are the perfect layer to add on. They have a ton of personality, are super stylish, and take your outfit in a whole new direction. They are so versatile. You can tie them up, wear them loose, button-up; the options are endless. With this, I decided to do a full tuck of my t-shirt so that you can see my body shape. I love the downtown girl vibes of this whole outfit. 

How to style a white t-shirt
Make it cozy

Add a cardigan, add a jacket, add both. Your t-shirts do not need to be put away in the winter anymore. I love adding layers to make my t-shirts fall (or even winter) appropriate. Layering is fashionable and functional. Just remember to be conscious of your high/lows!

Styling a white t-shirt
Add a corset 

Corsets and other similar accessories are such a cute way to elevate your outfit. They bring so much style and personality without much effort. Again, I would probably roll up my sleeves here to give the shirt more of a muscle tee look. I love this outfit. Such an easy date night option. 

I hope this video taught you guys a thing or two on why t-shirts are so important to have in your wardrobe. Stylish a t-shirt is so easy and so rewarding so make sure to pick some up the next time you go shopping!

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  • Rachel Jonas Rachel Jonas on Jan 14, 2021

    so many things to do with such a simple staple!

    • Jenn Jenn on Feb 20, 2021

      It really is such a necessity in your wardrobe

  • Nancy Symns Nancy Symns on Jan 19, 2021

    I’m almost always too hot in the winter so layering is a must for me. T-shirts are year round for me, and I love how you’ve layered them with the longer cardigan and short jacket on top, and the flannel shirt tied at the waist to show your curves! A blazer or jean jacket is always a “go to” for me, too. I’d likely add a chunky necklace to the one with blazer for a classier look when wanted. Love your style!

    • Jenn Jenn on Feb 20, 2021

      thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the different variations. Living in NY, knowing how to layer is a must!