6 Funky and Stylish Ways to Style a Graphic T-shirt

Alyvia Adelynn
by Alyvia Adelynn

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with graphic t-shirts! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to style a graphic t-shirt in all ways you can imagine! They’re fun and cute and give off a sleek edge to any outfit. Because of my obsession, I have a bunch of graphic tees to style with other items, and I’m going to show you all my exciting styles. Styling a graphic t-shirt has never been this easy! Let’s get started.

Styling a graphic t-shirt

Look 1

In this first look, I paired my Space Jam graphic t-shirt with a black turtleneck. I got an oversized t-shirt size in this one, so I can wear it in many different styles, even as a dress. Here, I decided to pair it with my favorite baggy jeans and white Jordans. I threw on a fuzzy and warm teddy coat on top, and I love the color and how it blends with the whole outfit.

How to style a graphic t-shirt

Look 2

In this simple but fun look, I put together a pair of sleek black biker shorts and a grey graphic t-shirt. I paired it with my favorite pair of black Doc Martens. I love the simplicity of this look and that it’s a quick and great go-to outfit that I can throw on when meeting my friends or going out for a fun day. To give it an extra kind of layer and dimension, I threw on a white corduroy shirt.

Easy graphic t-shirt style

Look 3

As I mentioned in the first look, turning a graphic t-shirt into a dress is an amazing idea! In this look, I am doing just that! If your graphic t-shirt is a bit on the short side, you can always wear a pair of biker shorts underneath so you can feel more secure and comfortable. The graphic t-shirt dress I chose is a little fitted and not as loose as I’d like it to be. So I decided to throw on a printed plaid shirt. I paired this with my plain Missy Empire booties; they are chunky and definitely trendy right now. I think the whole ensemble is so cute and flattering.

graphic t-shirt style

If you want a high boot kind of vibe, you can wear long black, knee-high socks with your boots. It gives off a much funkier and edgier vibe!

Basic graphic t-shirt style

Look 4

This look is a thrifted one. I got this vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt from a thrift store in Toronto. I paired it with tight black leather leggings that have stunning lining details down the front. This outfit can be dressed up, too. I wore a cute leopard print bootie that is actually a rain boot. I accessorized it with a black over-the-shoulder bag. Wearing graphic t-shirts over leggings is super sophisticated and gives off a dressier vibe, for sure!

Formal graphic t-shirt style

Look 5

This outfit is great for work or even a fancy event. I wore a Pulp Fiction graphic t-shirt and paired it with tan trousers. I like the contrast between the brown and white colors; it makes the outfit stand out. I wore white Air Force one shoes to give it a rounded-off, casual look. You can swap these for a pair of flats or booties if you want a more formal vibe. Next, I threw on this cute oversized black blazer to give this outfit a tailored cut.

Comfy graphic t-shirt outfit

Look 6

This outfit is the last look (and my favorite look, too). This is as laid back and chilled as you’ll get. I didn’t wear plain sweatpants; I opted for super cool graphics on the sweatpants, too. Since the pants have graphics, I opted for a graphic t-shirt that’s plain in front and has a printed image at the back. Over top, to make it look a little more put together, I threw on this leather trench coat. I paired the whole outfit with a pair of chunky shoes. I think it’s so chic and still laidback.

This pretty much wraps up my basic graphic t-shirt style tutorial. So before you wear a graphic t-shirt as a pajama top, you can really go all out and jazz up your outfits just by wearing one of these cool babies! I hope you enjoyed this fabulous style guide!

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