How to Style Jeans and a T-Shirt- Easy Style Guide

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

You can’t go wrong with a classic white tee and jeans! If you have these 2 basic clothing items, then why not spice it up a little? I’m going to show you how to style jeans and a t-shirt in 10 sleek ways. This style guide is for any fashionista who wants to up her fashion styling game. Styling jeans and a t-shirt have never looked so glamorous with these stunning style tips! You’d be surprised how accessories and layers can take your outfit from zero to wow! Let’s get this started, shall we?

Jeans and t-shirt style

Add jewelry

Let’s start with the basics. Here, I am wearing white sneakers, and I have tucked in my t-shirt. Tucking in the shirt gives your outfit a little more detail. I have also opted for some lovely, subtle jewelry, such as classic gold hooped earrings, a dainty necklace, and a bracelet. Adding jewelry helps elevate the look a bit more.


You can style this with any type of jeans you want. My absolute fav is high-rise jeans as I feel it compliments my body.

Styling jeans and a t-shirt

Wear different shoes

I swapped my sneakers for a pair of plain, nude, classic pumps. If you want to make yourself look taller, opt for some heels or shoes to give off that desired dimension. Also, opting for shoes that are almost the same color as your skin tone gives the illusion that your legs are longer.

Style jeans and a t-shirt

If you are looking for a more put-together, casual look, then switching your shoes for white loafers and a long knit cardigan will also do the trick. It’s great for a day out or even wearing something comfortable to work.

Easy jeans and t-shirt style

Let’s add some fierceness, shall we? Here I wore my lovely plain black ankle boots, and I wore a black belt, too. It’s easy, simple, and it’s chic! Also, add a little more fun to the outfit by rolling up your jeans a little.

Casual jeans and t-shirt style

Jackets & Blazers

If you need a quick go-to look, then simply throw on a basic cardigan. I wanted something simple and cropped. I put on this lovely beige cropped cardigan, and I think it looks gorgeous!  

Basic jeans and t-shirt style

If it’s a little cold outside or you need something a little more formal, then just simply add a plain black blazer. How sophisticated does this look? I love a good blazer, and I feel this is a quintessential outfit for any closet! The blazer itself is a little oversized, so it gives off a nice layered vibe. This is seriously my go-to outfit if I don’t know what to wear.

Wear a printed coat

The beauty of wearing a basic outfit is that you can have fun pairing it with fun prints and colors without looking like it’s overkill. As you see here, I am wearing a stunning patterned jacket.

Opt for a tuxedo look

Opt for a more tuxedo-type blazer too, it’s so flattering and gives off a gorgeous overall vibe. This is definitely a business/casual look.

Throw on a warm coat

Since we are already talking about jackets, don’t forget that coats go a long way, too! This is a great option, especially on those chilly days where you need something more functional to keep you warm. I love the gray plaid I have on- It’s a classic print, and it’s lightweight.

Put a faux-fur coat

Want something really fuzzy and warm? Throw on a faux fur coat!

It looks chic, and it’s super playful.

Wear an elegant long coat

Here’s another classic coat option; a plain long double-breasted coat. I wore this in black and changed my shoes for some knee sexy boots. I think this look is just so sheer and on fleek! I added a colorful, fun printed scarf, and it really takes the outfit to a whole new level. I really love a good pop of color, and this is exactly the vibe I’m going for- timeless.

Jeans and t-shirt style guide

And those who dare to be different…. Throw on your fuzzy bathrobe. Just kidding!

Pair a leather jacket

Going back to the good stuff, another timeless and classic option is pairing your basic tee and jeans with a leather jacket. You can’t go wrong with that! I’m wearing a cropped leather jacket because it’s way more flattering on me, but again, you can choose whatever you like.

Go for a chic vest vibe


Another lovely style is layering your outfit with a vest! How cool does this look? It gives an edgier vibe to the outfit, and the color is just gorgeous. Oversize knit vests are totally in right now. I tucked this one in and paired it with some white loafers.

Wear a button up vest

Another vest option is a button-up vest. This is dressier and is a lovely men’s wear look.

Wear red heels and leopard belt

Switch up your accessories

Going back to basics, let’s add more flavor to our accessories. You will notice how subtle changes really go a long way. Here I opted for a printed leopard belt with a pair of killer red heels. It really adds a bold touch to the outfit.

Add a pop of color

Or, switch your belt up to another color! I’m wearing a cobalt blue belt with some blue jewelry. This one definitely puts the fun in funky. It’s fun and colorful.

Match your accessories

Matching your accessories is also another fashion hack. Here I am wearing a green heart necklace with a green matching purse. I also paired it with nude heels and a snakeskin belt.

Go for an all denim look

Casual to 90s’ grunge

I am of the mindset that you don’t have to match the same colored jeans. I really think two different colors look awesome. If you want to make this look a little more classy, opt for some nude heels and throw on a belt.

Opt for a 90’s style

90s’ grunge is also really cool and gives off an unexpected twist. I love the edgy vibe this outfit gives off. I’m wearing black combat boots, and I threw on a plaid oversized button-down shirt. This really screams 90’s, and I just adore it!

Lovely minimalistic style

Keeping to the oversized glam, I am wearing a blue striped oversize button-down shirt with a pair of white sneakers. It’s really a laidback look but has some formal elements to it, too.

So, what outfit idea was your favorite? I really had fun with this style guide, and I hope it inspired you to dress sassy and stylishly. The best part about this tutorial is that a white t-shirt and basic denim jeans are essentials almost everyone has in their closet. So, dressing it up with items and accessories is really easy.

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