5 Summer to Fall Outfits to Help You Transition Your Wardrobe

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

Summer is coming to an end soon which for me is a bit sad. Not only because summer is fun and the weather is great, but also because a lot of us have a lot of cool summer clothes that we’d like to continue wearing.

Have no fear though, in this style guide, I’m going to show you how you can still enjoy your summer pieces in fall with some summer-to-fall transition outfits.

Summer to fall transition outfits

1. Denim overalls

For the first look, I took these denim overalls. In the summer, I’d usually wear them with a tank top or a t-shirt and some slides, but to create a more fall-appropriate look, I paired it with a basic black hoodie and some chunky boots.

This hoodie is so warm and cozy for fall, I bought it in size XL from the men’s section; it is so comfy and really goes with everything. You can also add tights to this look if the weather is colder, or if it is not so cold, you can stick with socks as I’ve done.

How to style a summer dress for fall

2. Maxi dress

For the second look, I’m wearing the same pair of boots but with a long, beautiful silk maxi dress. I really like how this dress looks with the chunky boots, instead of say, heels, and I think it gives the dress such a trendy and edgy look.

To complete, the look I layered a basic black leather jacket over the top. A black leather jacket is an essential piece in my fall wardrobe and I’ve worn this one year after year.

Summer to fall lookbook

3. Jeans

Next, I took my vintage high-waisted jeans in a light wash that I love to wear in the summer and paired them with a black bodysuit. During the summer I would wear these jeans with some kind of slides or sandals, but for this fall look, I’ve styled them with some brown suede ankle boots.

I’ve added a statement piece with this orange blazer; the pumpkin shade is a very appropriate fall color. This blazer I also got from the men’s section in a thrift store, I always like to check out the men’s section and pick up some oversized clothes.

Summer to fall outfits with jeans

4. White sneakers

For the next outfit, I took my favorite chunky sneakers that I wear a lot in summer and created a monochromatic look with them. There is a stereotype that white clothes make you look fat but I don’t think this is true.

If you find a pair of jeans that look flattering on you then they will look good regardless of what color they are. I’ve layered a trench coat over the top of the outfit as what says fall more than the classic trench coat.

When you go for a monochromatic look underneath then you can really play around with the color of your coat. I like how the pastel green goes with the white base.

Summer to fall outfits

5. Tank top

Last up, I’m wearing the same pair of sneakers and have paired them with a white tank top, some gray checkered pants, and a cozy teddy bear coat. The plaid print on the pants gives me fall vibes and the color scheme of this outfit is also perfect for the season.

Summer to fall outfits

I hope you enjoyed seeing how you can take summer pieces and carry them through to the fall season by styling them differently and were able to pick up some inspiration. Making these style adjustments means that you don’t have to completely change over your summer wardrobe.

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