This Summer Dress Hack is AMAZING and so Useful

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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If you have a nice summer dress that you like with off-the-shoulder sleeves, but you don’t want your sleeves constantly slipping down and looking messy, this fashion hack is for you.

Dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves

I am going to show you how you can still enjoy your off-the-shoulder sleeves but make them more secure.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair ties
  • Safety pins
Attaching safety pin to hair tie

1. Attach safety pin to hair tie

Start off by taking two hair ties and attaching two safety pins to either one.

Clipping safety pins to sleeve

2. Clip safety pins to sleeves

Now clip one safety pin to the inside of the sleeve on one side and another safety pin to the other side, with the hair tie stretching across.

Clipping safety pins to sleeve

It will look like this.

Clipping safety pins to sleeve

3. Repeat

Then, do the same on the other side.

Putting dress on

4. Put dress on

Now, start by putting the dress on without the sleeves.

Sleeves with pins

This is what the sleeves look like.

Putting dress on

Now, pull the sleeves on.

Summer dress hack

Summer dress hack

Now, you can enjoy your off-the-shoulder dress without having to worry about the sleeves falling down and needing to constantly pull them back up.

The addition of the hair ties has tightened the sleeves to give you a secure finish, and because they’re on the inside, they’re completely hidden, and you can’t see them.

Did this hack work for you? Comment down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair ties
  • Safety pins

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