11 Elegant Neutral Spring Outfits That Prove Beige Isn't Boring

Today, I will be sharing my fashion tips and favorite looks to help you create neutral spring outfits. In fashion circles of old, beige always had a bad rap, but hopefully, this style guide shows that soft, calm, and elegant palette can be a secret tool to have in your wardrobe.

How to put together a neutral outfit

1. The foundation

Making neutrals the foundation of your wardrobe can have a really positive effect on your outfit ideas.

Of course, you can introduce a pop of color from time to time, or all of the time if you wish, but having those building blocks in a gorgeous palette of elegant neutral tones will always see you right.

This look is simple, classic, and elegant, yet the reality is that I’m just wearing a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a pair of loafers.

The reason I think it works so well is that none of the soft neutral tones are competing with each other; they’re just happily blending side-by-side. 

Neutral outfit with interesting details

2. The details

Along with having that core foundation of staples, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for neutrals with interesting detail: an asymmetrical hem, an unusual style of buttons, or in this case, embroidered ruffles and lace.

I think this blouse is absolutely beautiful. It’s like an heirloom piece, but because I chose it in such a soft-blue, neutral tone, I know it will be timeless in my wardrobe.

I do believe that bright colors can sometimes detract from the beautiful detail that an item may have. Because the color here is simple, it lets those details take center stage.

Balancing a neutral outfit with color

3. Adding color

When I want to add a pop of color to my outfit, I balance it with a base of neutrals.

In this outfit, I wanted to wear one of my favorite Breton-striped tops, but the stripes are red, and I wouldn’t say they’re exactly subtle. To tone down that effect, I layered one of my favorite neutral-colored blazers over the top and finished with my classic straight jeans.

The camel tones add a subtle, sophisticated edge to the look; it’s calm but refined and feels so much more put-together. 

Casual neutral outfits

4. Quality over quantity

Fast fashion made in cheap and cheerful fabrics is, in my opinion, such a false economy. I would always rather invest in the nicest quality I can afford rather than have, say, five items that I will undoubtedly end up throwing away after about a year.

This top here is made from the very finest silk that money can buy.

Neutral tone outfit in shades of beige

5. Shades of beige

Once you have a collection of lovely neutral staples, it’s so easy to mix and match those pieces into lots of different outfit ideas. You can also experiment with different shades of the same color.

In this outfit, I’m wearing beige linen pants, a simple white t-shirt, a light beige cardigan over my shoulders, and at a stretch, let’s call those dark beige loafers on my feet.

All those different shades of beige blended together in one outfit create a lovely effect. 

Chic neutral outfit with a trench coat

6. The hero piece

An easy way to elevate a neutral outfit is to add a hero piece into the mix.

So take, for example, a pair of blue jeans and a white top, then add in that hero item like a trench coat, and suddenly that addition of tone, shape, and texture adds a new dimension to the look.

Chic neutral outfit with a hero handbag

Another good example would be this look. I’m just styling the staples that I love and wear on repeat, but they can be a little bit boring just on their own.

Simply adding in a hero handbag elevates the whole outfit to feeling far more elegant and refined than it was before. 

Neutral color outfits with soft tailoring

7. Soft tailoring 

Thinking of grays, I wanted to try out another combination with my favorite pair of tailored pants, and I found this beautiful blouse to go with it.

Although that mint tone is stronger than the other colors I’ve been styling here, it is still a muted shade of green that I think fits in well. I don’t think I did this consciously, but it does help to have that stronger tone in a lighter fabric like this.

Then, giving this outfit more of a soft power dressing vibe, I finished with my gray blazer. Gray separates always look that little bit extra chic when they’re oversized.

Pretty white dress with a trench coat

8. Daytime chic

If you like to look smart and elegant but maybe with a bit of a bohemian spirit, then I am pleased to say will work with neutrals too. I like white summer dresses like this one here, and my main reason for that is the longevity of the shade.

A pretty white dress will always be a pretty white dress, no matter how many years have passed since you bought it. Had I bought this in last year's very-on-trend neon pink, however, I hazard a guess I wouldn’t be getting my cost per wear out of it. 

Styling neutral spring outfits

9. Crisp & clean

Here, I’ve gone back to my camel blazer and styled it in the way that I reach for the most with a t-shirt and jeans. Because of those neutral tones and a clean, crisp cut on the blazer, it’s a look that I can wear time and time again and never really get bored of.

If you’re not a fan of blazers, think about that crisp tailoring on your bottom half instead, such as a beautiful pair of pants with those perfectly placed pleats.

How to put together neutral spring outfits

10. Balance is key

Whether you decide to go for clean, crisp cuts when styling neutral outfit ideas, or maybe something more relaxed like I’m doing here - balance is key to creating the perfect outfit.

This spring sweater is pretty loose and relaxed. Paired with this maxi skirt, I’m contrasting against that knitted cotton texture with something silky and smooth.

I’ve mixed up my shapes from the slouchy on the top and the straight and minimal on the bottom. I also like the juxtaposition of the lighter-toned sweater against the darker-toned skirt.

Wearing neutral spring outfits

Here’s another idea that I equally love; using that same maxi skirt but this time adding a camisole on my top half. The cami has lots of detail with the pleats and the gathers, so the shape contrasts beautifully against the rather minimal-looking skirt.

The slightly wider shape at the top also balances out with the clean line of the skirt.

Handbag in a neutral shade

11. Neutral handbags

A neutral handbag will always elevate even the simplest of outfit ideas, so I’d really advise thinking about the tones you invest in with bags too. If you get the shade right, you should have it for life.

Neutral spring outfits

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I’ve styled my neutral spring outfits, and it’s given you lots of tips and ideas on how you can create your own elegant looks this 2022.

Don’t forget to let me know your favorite outfit ideas in the comments below.

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