How to Upcycle a Jumpsuit

by Lucybertoldi
2 Materials
2 Hours

See how I turned a jumpsuit into these 3, very fashionable pieces:

1) A jacket

2) pants

3) collar


This is what the jumpsuit looked like..

90’s skirt...

To convert the jumpsuit, I used the lining and the tulle from this 90's skirt. (I kept the pretty outer shell to make another DIY very soon!). I also had some leftover lace- which I used to embellish the cuffs of the top part, as well as, on the pants, where you slide through the belt.

here are the steps:

1- Chop the jumpsuit in half!

2- remove tulle and lining from the skirt

3- add to the bottom of the jacket by sewing together

4- use some lace to embellish the sleeve cuffs and pants

5- Use remaining tulle, some lace, a button- to create a collar

6- I changed all buttons to give it a fancier look


Please note: I did all the sewing by hand. It's totally doable and super easy. But, if you do use a sewing machine, the time spent on this will be close to only 30 minutes!!

Next: what will I make with what’s left of that 90’s skirt! Stay tuned!

Suggested materials:
  • Tulle, lining   (Old 90’s skirt)
  • Lace 1 meter or less   (Had it)

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