THREE White Vaca Inspired Outfits for Me an Mini (mix & Match)

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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Does anything say vacation wear more then the color white? We escaped winter and headed down to Florida! Packed some cute white outfits for me and the mini that can be mixed and matched!

I always pack this shirt for vacation, I mean it has little boats on it people! I found the shoes in the same color and paired it with the white shirt for mini and white skirt for myself.

I had bought the dress a little while back then stumbled on the shirt that was very simular in toddler size. It actually came with the pants (same as above look!)

Final look, I am obsessed with these potato sack shorts (very forgiving!) Paired with a white silk top and minature jeans and the same shirt from the look above!

All 3 of these looks could be interchanged to create different outfits. For example the shirt with the boats can go with the jeans or shorts. SInce it's hard to pack a lot when getting away it's important to take things that can be easily mixed and matched!

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