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The last time I had some overalls, I was in the second grade, so I was due for a new pair right? I had been seeing these skirt overalls throughout social media, and I really liked them. One day as I was scrolling down Facebook, I saw a short video tutorial of someone turning shorts into overalls, and I thought "hey I could do that with a skirt!" And here were are with my tutorial.

I sewed these back in October, but didn't get a chance to take photos until Thanksgiving. I decided to finally post this tutorial today, since in my mind, it is the official end of fall. Tomorrow is December, which means the start of all things Christmas. :D (Well, in my mind at least, that's how I see fall and winter).

I had some adorable little daisy buttons in my stash that matched these overalls perfectly, in my opinion. These are definitely going to be my go-to overalls for fall. (Even though these are my only pair of overalls and fall is now over LOL).

There are a few things that I learned for next time and I will share them to help you in your skirt-overall-making journey.

1. I would use a bigger pair of jeans to make my overalls. These were actually my size, but the legs fit loosely. I would use a bigger size next time to have more wiggle room.

2. Have matching fabric for the straps. I don't know how, but I did not even think of the straps until I realized I didn't have any fabric to make them. Luckily I found a matching gold fabric in my stash. (See it does help to hoard fabric!)


Step 1

1. I started off by making a skirt from the jeans. I used the second method in my Pants to Skirt tutorial, since I did not have enough fabric to make a triangle for both the front and back. I closed up the back and left some room for a slit in the back.

Step 2

Next, I moved to the front. I seam ripped all the way until I hit the zipper.

Step 3

Then, I cut out a triangle for the front piece. I made sure to leave room for seam allowance around it, as shown below.

I made sure to leave room for seam allowance around it, as shown above.

Step 4

4. Cut a small slit at the beginning of the slit.

Step 5

5. Lastly, I finished the seams and sewed the sides down. I also added a tack for strength.

Skirt: done!

Step 6

These are the extra pieces after I cut my pants and turned them into a skirt. One of the pieces I used for the front triangle of the skirt. The other one I used to cut out the front overall bib, the back piece, and some tabs. Below is the cut chart for these pieces. I posted these measurement so you can get an idea of how to cut your own. I tried on the skirt and then placed the bib piece in front to see if I needed it bigger or smaller. The pink areas were already hemmed since I was reusing pants pieces. 

Cut one of each with the exception of:

Overall straps: cut 2

Waist tabs: cut 4

The top part of the front bib, front pocket, and back piece was already hemmed, so I just hemmed and folded in the sides. (Shown here is the back piece. For the front pocket, I also hemmed the bottom part)

Step 7

Then, I topstitched it on the front bib.

Step 8

Next, I cut a slit on the side of the skirt, through the waistband.

Step 9

 I sewed the waist tab pieces together, leaving one end open. Then, I turned it inside out. I topstitched all around the edge (see next photo).

Step 10

I finished off one slit opening with a zig zag stitch, and sewed on the waist tab.

Waist tab sewn on.

Step 11

Next, I attached the bib to the skirt, as shown above. 

Close up.

Step 12

Then, I sewed on the back piece. 

Step 13

I cut out the straps, sewed down the sides and one side shut. 

Step 14

Then, I turned the straps inside out.

Step 15

I hand sewed these adorable buttons on the front bib.

Step 16

I made some buttonholes on the straps and put the buttons through. 

Step 17

At this point, I tried on my overalls to see where I needed to cut and sew the straps.

Step 18

I finished off the straps with a serged edge, and sewed them on the back piece. 

Step 19

Lastly, I made on a buttonhole on the waist tab piece and sewed on a button.

New overalls done!

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